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Epidemic News

[Beijing Ditan Hospital’s first certificate of new crown virus attacks the central nervous system, it is recommended to improve CSF testing]
Beijing Ditan Hospital announced on the 4th. Prior to February 25th, the first patient with new coronary pneumonia and encephalitis was successfully discharged from the hospital. Liu Jingyuan, the director of the hospital’s ICU, reminded that patients with conscious disturbances must consider that the virus may attack the central nervous system. At present, patients with neocoronary pneumonia may be complicated by multiple organ damages such as severe respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), myocardial damage, abnormal blood coagulation, kidney damage, liver damage, etc. However, no central nervous system involvement has been reported. This case report It is the first case in the world.

The treatment team eliminated the other pathogens during the second-generation sequencing of the genome of the patient’s cerebrospinal fluid and identified possible infectious pathogens, and obtained the genome sequence of the new coronavirus. Gene sequencing confirmed the presence of neocoronavirus in the cerebrospinal fluid and clinical diagnosis of viral encephalitis.

Liu Jingyuan reminded that in clinical observation, there are no shortage of cases with neck resistance, positive pathological signs, sudden consciousness disturbance or even coma. In the face of such patients, it is necessary to be vigilant against neocoronavirus infection that can affect the central nervous system, and perform relevant tests such as cerebrospinal fluid , And improve the work on cerebrospinal fluid SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid and gene sequencing, explore for a more comprehensive understanding of COVID-19, and actively deal with related neurological complications, thereby further reducing the mortality of critically ill patients. (Surging news)


The death of a 20-year-old boy after being infected with the Corona virus in the city of Machour, in Al-Ahwaz.

Collapses in China continue to occur in sporadic locations.

In Iran, that officer said he transferred more than 34 bodies from the hospital to the cemetery today. Meanwhile, French Guiana confirms 5 cases.

Another case of collapse in Iran.

All the videos of people falling over there should be more info on it, but like you said, not in research data

Warning :warning: on next video

south of Sichuan, because there are no figures on the number of suicide cases in China. There are videos that I can’t even show, and there are many. Check the date of the video itself, that was yesterday. There is also a very striking video, a naked young woman who threw herself from a building and fell into the snow on the sidewalk.

Liaoning fire, things the media don’t show.

امی Shortage of Tamiflu in Rasht has caused long queues in front of the Red Crescent pharmacy. Families of patients queuing up at the pharmacy in the middle of the night may be able to get the medicine they need.


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