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虽然此前由COVID-19新冠肺炎死者尸体穿刺取样获得的组织局部病理学改变提示,新冠肺炎病理特征与SARS和中东呼吸综合征(MERS)冠状病毒引起的病理特征非常类似。但从此例系统解剖大体观察,其肺部纤维化及实变没有SARS导致的病变严重,而渗出性反应较 SARS 明显。在这份解剖报告中,刘良团队认为,对于心肌及心外膜、肾脏、脾脏、消化道器官、脑部是否存在与病毒感染相关的损害表现有待进一步研究。(界面)

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Epidemic News

[First anatomy report of deceased patients with new coronary pneumonia released: lesions focus on lungs, insufficient evidence of other organ damage]
Although the local pathological changes of tissues obtained from COVID-19 neocoronary pneumonia dead body samples previously suggest that the pathological features of neocoronary pneumonia are very similar to those caused by SARS and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus. However, from the general observation of the systemic anatomy in this case, the pulmonary fibrosis and consolidation were not as severe as those caused by SARS, and the exudative response was more obvious than SARS. In this anatomical report, Liu Liang’s team believes that whether the myocardium and epicardium, kidneys, spleen, digestive tract organs, and brain are associated with viral infections requires further study. (interface)

Because the patient has preexisting conditions and the short period of his lifespan after infection, whether the virus can damage other organs still remain to be studied.