Enemy Unknown

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Always thought this incident was two boats and two separate UFOs… so boat #1 attacks an HD3, it splits, takes out boat #1 and boat #2 in the process.

Yeah. Don’t mess with these guys. They’ll split. Carve you up. And take out any first responders. Yikes.

There are 97 of 930 online now! Did you like the recap of the HD info? Yes? Great each of you dig deep or deeper and get at least one more person added to the group :wink: THEN, we will be able to learn even more things about the real world!!

Great thank you - i am curious as i had psychic attack for 21 years weekly and sometimes daily till i learnt Shamanic protection- why are these entities attacking children? Or why do they pick on people? Are we “food”?

I’ve wondered about motivation as well. The universe and natural law tends to favor organisms that only act in their own interest, ie eating is motivation…

Yes, different fuel for them than what we traditionally consider food.

They’re made of energy so they feed on energy. They take in food in a different way.

Thanks for replying :blush:Yes - my fear fed them i am certain. I could not use my tongue to cry for help (no sound would come out) and was paralysed during every attack. The day i stopped it - i had learnt to control this fear. I used a counting technique. Count slowly and loudly in my mind to say 30 and by then i had snapped out of the paralysis. The interesting thing is my limbs etc always took a few minutes to function even when the attack was over. The day i finally learnt to conquer this fear - i remember also unleashing a great anger back at one of those entities - and this i will never forget / i managed to not only stop the attack permanently, but i “threw” the entity of me with a huge force of “energy”. It made a sound as i did this and being intuitive - i “felt” this creature was taken by surprise and became afraid itself. This ability to fight back - came from being calm in my mind - to disable my fear, and rage from 21 years of this type of abuse.

I wonder what other peoples experiences are here?

One creature i particularly found nasty - would hide under the floor of my bed - (even if physically there is no space under the bed ) and it would elongate itself and wrap its very long arms around me, before squeezing harder and harder pinning me to the bed and prevented me from breathing. I used to call it the bogeyman.

Same but I never felt fear so there was no attack to ward off. During sleep paralysis, the figure just stands at the edge of the room and watches me. Never approaches.

I wish i learnt that earlier. I saw those figures too. Unfortunately for me a fairly religious upbringing compounded the issue and even after years of problems my parents seemed quite dismissive of these events, and lastly i had no such friends who could relate or understand these attacks. It was lonely and frightening.

When i asked a pedophile priest when i was about age 20 - his actual reply to me was to ask about my sexual habits. That ended my church going indoctrination once and for all.

Shamanic books and a simple protection prayer greatly helped me afterwards.

I’ve encountered this all my life. Once I understood I was more powerful, and to not fear it, it’s all stopped. Never underestimate your power. Dfe’s etc, exist and gain / use someones power by basically stealing it, preying on vulnerabilities and fears. :heart::heart::heart:

That sounds awful. Glad
You learned to work around this energy.