Elliot wave is for mass thought cycles


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Elliot wave is for mass thought cycles

Not unpredictable viruses

this thing can shoot right up if it wanted to then die out the next day in reality and no one could know why


电报 首发
The real writing of the isolation point

❴ 湖南衡陽 聽信了邪共解除封鎖後的人們 口罩都不戴就出來了,過幾天會是什麼樣的危險呀 ❵

衡 People in Hengyang, Hunan, after hearing that the Communist Party lifted the blockade and came out without wearing a mask. What kind of danger would it be in a few days?


There was no food in his house, and he was caught out for food. :scream:





To tell you the truth, recently, various branches of Wuhan Health Organization, joint names of various scientists, and various international friends kept saying that Wuhan virus could not come from the laboratory on various occasions in various forums and magazines. Can’t help but make me more convinced that there is absolutely a ghost in it.

Now the overwhelming foreign experts came out and said that the virus did not come from the laboratory, not artificial modification. They knew that there was no one to believe in the domestic bricks, so they sent a large number of foreign bricks to speak. The United States and China wore a pair of pants. Since January 3, the contractor has reported the epidemic to the United States more than 30 times. Trump also has more. The second praise is that China has done a good job and is very transparent, only the fart people are in the dark.

The White House will not allow US experts to conclude that the virus is artificial. If the expert’s conclusion is artificial, China will immediately respond to China’s lack of such technology, and will make a high-profile announcement of investigations, point the finger at the United States, and arouse all Chinese enemies against the United States. As a result, the Chinese Communist regime will be unprecedentedly consolidated.

Now it is in the interests of both China and the US to keep a low profile about the source of the virus.
And Trump and Xi want to reach a trade agreement, once reached, the global invisible power and blood alliance will collapse. This alliance is very powerful, and it is transnational and cross-belief (only power and interests follow).

关于这个病毒有一个细节让我很感兴趣,就是石正丽研究病毒感染灵长类动物的研究之前是跟美国北卡罗莱纳的医学小组合作的。要不然中国的技术根本没那个水平,虽然已知信息是美国方面叫停了,但是以石正丽团队尿性肯定没停。这个病毒美国方面肯定有不少信息,不然不会第一个撤侨,细思恐极啊。 :scream::scream::scream::scream:

One detail that interests me about this virus is that Shi Zhengli’s study of the virus infecting primates was previously collaborated with the North Carolina Medical Team. Otherwise, China’s technology is not at that level. Although it is known that the United States has stopped, the Shi Zhengli team’s urine must not stop. There must be a lot of information about this virus in the United States, otherwise it would not be the first to withdraw from the country, and it would be extremely thoughtful. :scream::scream::scream:

我找到一位老爷子Bernard Roizman
90岁了 泡疹病毒之父 美国科学院院士。
这位老爷子不但在中国开了公司 完成一亿融资 在中国赚了多少钱?前几年还把实验室搬到深圳去了 不知从中共这拿到多少经费呢?

Articles by 27 scientists on the Lutheran program for the CCP platform
It’s interesting to take a deeper look at these 27 people
I found an old man, Bernard Roizman
90 years old Father of herpes virus Academician of the American Academy of Sciences.
This old man not only opened a company in China, completed 100 million financing, how much money did he make in China? I moved the laboratory to Shenzhen a few years ago. I do n’t know how much money I got from the CCP?


China’s official propaganda confirmed that the number of confirmed cases was declining. Russia banned the entry of Chinese citizens yesterday. It feels like this former veteran communist country doesn’t believe a word … :frog:


People caught in the streets of Wuhan’s Qingshan District are locked here to “focus on learning.” The main way of learning is to keep shouting “Qingshan refueling”. Each person charges 150 yuan per day, and is closed for 14 days. The money will be released after 14 days. :scream::scream::scream:


Singapore is also grabbing food. :flushed::flushed:

What’s happening in Sing. I haven’t heard anything in a while

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