Elderly and Homeless: America’s Next Housing Crisis

Elderly and Homeless: America’s Next Housing Crisis

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I’ve been screaming from the rooftops about this for the past 2 years. In California in particular, seniors and disabled individuals - many of whom are veterans - are being subjected to no-fault evictions. In Sacramento, the wait list for affordable housing or senior living facilities (for both independent and assistant living) is two and a half to five years. When trying to find housing for a family member age 70+ who was forced out of her home of 20 years, I made numerous calls and even flew there multiple times to see if an in-person plea might secure a place on a waitlist. I was told that virtually every senior, disabled or low-income housing facility in both Sacramento and Yolo counties were no longer accepting names to the wait list. One manager of a facility I visited in person told me that many seniors would die while waiting for their name to be called. Seattle spends well over a billion dollars a year on programs and legislature earmarked for fixing the homeless crisis. That is roughly a hundred thousand dollars per homeless person within the city limits. Every year the number of homeless individuals amplifies. Every year promises are made and citizens are taxed to provide low income and affordable housing in California and Washington state. Every year, the numbers increase, and the affordable housing never appears. However high-priced townhouses, condominiums and luxury apartments are constructed on every available scrap of land bigger then a milk crate. Funny how both of these “sanctuary states” want to open the borders, abolish ICE and provide free healthcare and college to undocumented immigrants, as well as low or no interest business loans and home mortgages, but they can’t provide affordable housing for seniors and the disabled.

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