Dude fuuuuuck whoa

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Dude fuuuuuck whoa

I know, SWAT is teams of 2. Alpha and Bravo 6 men each. That’s not SWAT it’s a sweep team

One of the more concerning things I’ve seen to be honest. very clearly out of control, or under control depending upon how you want to look at it I suppose.

How much do you want to bet they are paying a super spreader a visit. That was tracked down using CCTV/Big Data

I’m sure your not far off on that. Doesn’t look like they are taking prisoners, with full clips and that subs

The person above speaks of the changes that covid_19 will help bring down the road.if it’s not appropriate please delete


Curious if ppl will transition to BTC

I found some masks on art supply companies online if anyone is having trouble finding some

That’s a clever and very good idea


And found a case of
gloves latex free of 1000 for 44 bucks at medical supplies wholesale online

Hey, I’m an independent student researcher. I’m trying to dig up as much information about the COVID-19 outbreak and compile a list of information and sources to share with as many people as possible. Would anyone be interested in helping?

Hey everyone
Does anyone have any info on Canadian stats? I’ve scrolled through a ton but I’m mainly seeing the US and parts of Europe.

Use the search function

Use the search function and link Library

Lady. Please guard your Nervous system in here k?