@drunkenwhiskers can you tell me what the labels say?

@drunkenwhiskers can you tell me what the labels say?

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red one is confirmed case. Green one is cured case.

10 confirmed cases

This is what’s going around

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What are your thoughts on this TBH?

What i am thinking is that they are talking about the coronaviruses that are known already and not this new strand that is going around.

My sources tell me at least three new ones, one of them was unnaturally mutated supposedly…


What do i need to survive in a covid19 environment

I have lots of alcohol sprays and masks


I got all the way up to March 2. Here’s the result

To reiterate, the point of this is to create a verifiable record of the deceased to keep official numbers remotely accountable.


Can someone please forward the link there where it says that the coronovirus reinfection is deadline than the first

made a new blog:

ill be updating regularly

God help all. The nightmare is never ending.

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Wednesday Night I should think.

Why not try it on already infected patients. What kind of logic is this

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SARS was early 2003.

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