Dr. Fauci confirms of coronavirus spreading at mass gatherings

Dr. Fauci confirms of coronavirus spreading at mass gatherings

⤺ reposted by @generalKenny from Gives the lethal dose in rat and mice - as long as it's diluted beyond 1300 parts c6h12 per million h2o i wouldn't be worried.


nk is for sure at that place

Pizzagate & QAnon protesters have stormed the CNN building in Hollywood

Next step of this movment is Pedophile Hunters going after Celebs will start appearing, you’ll see.

Field Reports???

I think that started already, but will become more public over the next few weeks

Who went shopping this weekend?

something weird going on with these nursing homes.

Cumo could kinda claim that it was an accident, but this chick no way

America needs to start getting confrontational with these politicians. Especially if they defund the police. No police = no arrest for taking it to corrupt people.

In a nearby city, years ago, the crime was so rampant that the police force was defunded.

This did not result in having no police.

In fact, the police officers from the city who were doing their jobs were absorbed by the county and the county began patroling the city.

It actually resulted in more police, not less.

I realize this is not the aim of the people who want to defund the police, but this is how it ended up playing out.

Not making a statement as to whether or not this should be done.

Just a real world example FYI.

Nursing homes often make 5-10x the daily Medicaid rate taking care of recovering Covid patients as compared to the more traditional long term care residents.

⤻ reposted @AzazelNews to Gov. Whitmer vetoes bill to preven COVID-19 patients to be housed in nursing homes