Dozens of scientific journals vanished from the internet: no one preserved them

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Dozens of scientific journals vanished from the internet: no one preserved them

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Another assassination attempt on the president, this time in Somalia :point_down:

:fire::somalia: An improvised explosive device (IED), carried by a suicide bomber, detonated at a restaurant Boondhere district, Mogadishu, on Wednesday, September 9.
At least 7 people have been killed
The suicide bomber, wearing a vest packed with explosives, entered Dalsan (Blue Sky) restaurant, which is located some 600 metres from presidential palace and prime minister’s office in Hamarweyne neighbourhood and regularly frequented by government officials.
No group has claimed responsibility for the attack as yet.

:fire::somalia: Мощный взрыв произошел сегодня в столице Сомали Могадишо в районе национального театра, неподалеку от президентского дворца.
По меньшей мере 7 человек погибли
Террорист-смертник в жилете со взрывчаткой вошел в ресторан Далсан (Blue Sky), который расположен в 600 метрах от президентского дворца и канцелярия премьер-министра в районе Хамарвейне и регулярно посещается правительственными чиновниками.
Пока ни одна группа не взяла на себя ответственность за нападение.



He’s gonna get JFKed if he’s not careful

:iran: The Iranian army, air force and navy are preparing for the Zolfaghar 99 military exercise, which will begin tomorrow, September 10, between the east of the Strait of Hormuz and the northern Indian Ocean (10th parallel north).

:iran: Иранской армия, авиация и флот готовятся к проведению военных учений «Золфагхар 99», которые начнутся завтра, 10 сентября между востоком от пролива Ормуз и северной частью Индийского океана (10-я параллель к северу).

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Critical Race Theory is bullshit and anti-meritocracy

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Grandmaster Jay from WANNABE DJ to Wannabe Warlord. This is the guy who has no idea what a bullpup Rifle is

This is the leader of the NFAC showing off his firearms “knowledge” source



Meanwhile in San Francisco

Meanwhile in Some College Dorm Room

Whats she mentions is straight child abuse…

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