Dow futures are already -$1000

Oil is way down
Dow futures are already -$1000
And gold futures hit $1700 an ounce today

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I always tell that in Poland we got Amber Gold which stole money from Poland and was based on the same steal patent which as I remember Goldman do earlier, before this I was speaking to money managers in Poland that gold is totally undervalued from 1971 and people will make money and we and they told me that my idea is stupid, then few months ago they start crating Amber Gold 2 years later our prime minister son was also involved in big scam and what happen? BIG lol they made him Donal Tusk a chief of UE for few years? Those guys rule this world and we have those viruses etc after all this we should be more united, will invite all to our Foundation, now go wish all best good night and good day and keep Ya Head Up Brothers & Sisters :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Corona virus prevention in Moscow’s airport

The only good thing is that virus didn’t taken by Chinese directly, so I have never met any hate crimes

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