Don't know if this is related to COVID it was reported 1 hour ago in Brisbane Australia.

Don’t know if this is related to COVID it was reported 1 hour ago in Brisbane Australia.
Baby found unresponsive

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There is zero evidence that this would be related to Covid why would you post this?

Because I’m hoping someone will know more and advise.

I also stated that it is not confirmed yet if it’s related, so I’m not saying to anyone it is

Also Brisbane is where people are dropping in the streets

At least 77 confirmed cases in Australia, clearly evident numbers are higher.

It does if there is underlying health issues

Anyone body hear that drinking hot water kills virus in the throat?

My daughter takes flute lessons with one of the prestigious flute instructors in Cali. She has students who are chinese and they told the instructor that it is WAY WORSE than what is being mentioned in news. They are eating their cats and dogs

Sooo bad

I never said it was.

And you don’t know its not

in China they usually dont store much food for long periods of time, right?

We all have the Freedom of Speech. The last thing we need is to be censored like the CCP do to the Chinese people.

Please bring all data that you think is relevant. And we will figure it out together.

Just watched this video

In 1993, long before ‘anti vax’ was word/slur I convened a large town hall meeting in Hamilton, Waikato, N.Z. At that time the public were concerned about a possible link between what we called COT death (now called SIDS) and first baby jabs at 6 weeks of age.
I met so many parents that night whose babies had died within hours of their vaccination and nothing I have seen in the 27 years since has satisfied me injecting adjuvants, aluminium, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde etc even in small doses doesn’t directly cause sudden infant death.
I don’t believe the Brisbane case has any link to COVID19.

Someone got positive here no travel history

This though isn’t a vaccine group. Although it might become one if they come up with a Covid19 vaccine.

Can someone explain this

It’s happening everywhere

Means that more people there have it