Does this color look familiar?

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Does this color look familiar?

Seems like one replicating then doing fusion again

If a 3 is threatened they split in half

I’ve seen them replicate(split in half,) kill 2 Guard dogs chasing them

Then fuse back

That’s intense. So keep pups way far away from these.

Single consciousness replicating, operating independently, and then fusing back? …so much still to learn.

Here watch

So the HD3 carries conscious (es) . Where does it carry them from? Why do they need to be carried?

Always thought this incident was two boats and two separate UFOs… so boat #1 attacks an HD3, it splits, takes out boat #1 and boat #2 in the process.

Yeah. Don’t mess with these guys. They’ll split. Carve you up. And take out any first responders. Yikes.

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That’s what we are. We just don’t split physically in meat suits. Your light body can though.

Elegantly put. “We don’t split physically in meat suits” hahaha :joy:

The curse of 3D. :wink: