does the suspend apply for GCC member nations too, though?

Saudi Arabia suspends entry for pilgrims over coronavirus

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does the suspend apply for GCC member nations too, though?

Maybe everyone

Seems they are going to hunker down

What do you think of the Tokyo Olympics?

Forget about it

Do you know the real numbers?

It’s at least by now around 850k dead in China


Over 468 in Iran dead as of 2 days ago

Are they publishing this #?

Where you getting the info

Im suppose to fly to San Diego

Might cancel my trip

Marissa seen anyone wearing masks yet? Stock almost non existing anyway

for whom it might concerns

/cvg/ archive dump, please take with pinch of salt

18,300 infected in Iran, scientists estimate

Japan to close all schools: elementary, middle and high

Recovered in Japan sick again: reinfected or dormant

14% of recovered in Guangdong test positive again

29 year old respiratory doctor dies after 4 weeks

Patients infectious after recovery

983,006 infected in Wuhan alone

Incubation period of 24 days, longer than expected

Buy a hañf face respirator, they are 45 dollars


Nope, we can’t seem to find anything. I only have ### masks, probably made in China.
It’s better than nothing. I haven’t seen one place in medical field wearing it so far. From labs to hospital to Dr’s

Yeah feel sorry for first defense

Guys get a half face respirator with cage if he’s


I also have only 10xffp2


Last longer