Does the CIA not care about competition in such a lucrative market? 😂

Does the CIA not care about competition in such a lucrative market? :joy:

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There is cocaine, but there is no revolution :grin::joy:

Stalin and Lenin robbed banks Lol

:passenger_ship: 50-meter yacht Lady MM, worth several hundred million dollars, burned and sank in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sardinia
Coast Guard rescued 17 people from the ship — 8 tourists from Kazakhstan and 9 crew members

:passenger_ship: 50-метровая яхта Lady MM, стоимостью несколько сотен миллионов долларов, сгорела и затонула в Средиземном море у берегов Сардинии
Береговая охрана спасла с судна 17 человек — 8 богатых туристов из Казахстана и 9 членов экипажа

Gold at ~all time high

Strong flight to quality signal

I.e. markets expecting impending disaster

The US State Department has decided to approve the possible sale of 32 upgraded AIM-120C-8 (AMRAAM) missiles to Japan, worth an estimated $ 63 million.

In Army 2020 News

The Vietnamese delegation is eyeing the Kornet-EM self-propelled ATGM system based on the K-53949 Typhoon-K chassis at the Army-2020 Russian forum

Concern “Kalashnikov” demonstrated a new gun developed on the basis of MP-155, called the MP-155 Ultima.

Kalashnikov Shotgun my my my :star_struck:

At the Army-2020 International Military-Technical Forum, the Kalashnikov Concern also presented an updated AK-12 with a new stock, trigger guard and a more ergonomic pistol grip.


Kalashnikov also presented a new Kalashnikov machine gun called RPL-20.
The new machine gun is made for a 5.45x39 caliber and has a cartridge box for 100 rounds. Weapon weight - 5.5 kg with a long barrel and 5.2 kg with a shortened barrel.

In South Asian Sea News

PLA on Wednesday launched multiple anti-ship ballistic missiles into the South China Sea

:x: Steine wurden für die ANTIFA auch schon bereit gelegt! Immer schön friedlich bleiben SED-Geisel: lass doch die roten Zecken-Staatstruppen im Keller wenn du schon die Bundespolizei auffährst! Man man man :roll_eyes:
:x: Stones have already been laid out for ANTIFA! Always stay nice and peaceful SED hostage: leave the red tick state troops in the basement when you’re already calling up the federal police! Man man man :roll_eyes:

Where in LA or OC to get a gun?

Probably a discussion for Armory, also OpSec reminder.

Ice Age Farmer has done an amazing job to follow the coming food shortages.

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