Does the CDC want us to give them a hug so they don’t feel stigmatized?

Does the CDC want us to give them a hug so they don’t feel stigmatized?

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Sarah did you see this?

This is all about feelings

And there was another one like this today w Trump

Why are they printing this crap

#中共國 此時的武漢,出門就是犯罪?# 中共 国 At this time in Wuhan, is it a crime to go out?

Difference in receptor usage between severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus and SARS-like coronavirus of bat origin. - PubMed - NCBI

Hmmm. What do you guys make of this paper?

#中共國 :warning:注意:這不是搶救病人,這是擺拍!擺拍啊!這都啥時候還擺拍!# 中共 国 :warning: Note: This is not a rescue of patients, this is a pose! Posing! Why are you still shooting?

#觀點 自他紅袖標扎起,整個人就不一樣了,看誰都不順眼。腰疼的病也好了,直板板地硬朗起來。嗓門非常叫座,脖子上的那根青筋鼓鼓的,滿身也是橫肉塊塊包腚,十分了得。

#Opinion Since his red armband is tied up, the whole person is different, and it is not pleasing to anyone. The back pain was better, and it was tough and straight. His voice was very loud, the blue veins on his neck were bulging, and his body was covered with meat.
——Lu Xun’s The True Story of Ah Q

#資訊 記者直擊:想進方艙的人

武漢趕建了十幾家方艙醫院,有患者急切的希望能在裡面得到床位,但也有已經進入方艙醫院隔離的患者急切的希望離開方艙,去定點醫院治療。方艙醫院似乎成為一座「圍城」,外面的人想進去,裡面的人想出來。# 信息 Reporter: People who want to enter the cabin
People who come up with the cabin

Wuhan has hurriedly built more than a dozen cabin hospitals. Some patients are eager to get beds in them, but some patients who have entered the cabin hospital for isolation are eager to leave the cabin and go to the designated hospital for treatment. The Fangcang Hospital seems to be a siege. People outside want to go in, people inside think out.

这不是一个剃光头方便的问题(已经有医生朋友指出剃光头更容易得湿疹,有医学常识的护士不会主动要求剃头),而是剥夺女性医护人员的人身自由。:rage::rage::rage: Male medical staff in the same hospital just trimmed their hair, and the original female nurses only trimmed it. When the reporter from Midway came, it turned into a collective shaving show.
This is not a problem of shaving the head (some doctor friends have pointed out that shaving the head is more likely to cause eczema, and nurses with medical knowledge will not actively ask for a shave), but it deprives female medical personnel of their personal freedom. :rage::rage::rage:

见证了共匪的无能和贪婪!In many communities in Wuhan, you will get a few vegetables and leaves for one hundred yuan! These discarded green fruits.
Witnessed the incompetence and greed of the bandits!

#中共國 沒有口罩,內褲戴頭 # 中共 国 no mask,
Wear panties on his head

What do you guys typically stock in your freezers? And how big of a freezer do you have? I bought a 250L but i now think it’s too small…


You are a survivor

Fill it

Then fill up the pantry

Hi :wave: Justice

这张照片可载入史册,透露出的信息是一线医护资源严重不足 This photo can be entered into the annals of history, revealing the information that the first-line health care resources are seriously insufficient

no mask,
Wear panties on his head

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They said the virus may have been leaked during horseshoe bat studies. Consistent with the paper from 2018.

#觀點 #蟲災 關注爆料革命,囤糧囤物資,保財保命!
有些人莫名其妙地看著蝗蟲,他們也撼動了機器,說中國人可以吃蝗蟲。 蝗蟲是一場自然災害,蝗蟲過境,草本不是天生的。 這個格子為4千億只。 如果沒有有效的治理方法,6月18萬億,什麼概念? 如果有人說蝗蟲已經解決,它相當於14億中國人吃12萬只蝗蟲! 每個蝗蟲都是0.5克,12萬大約是600千克,這是吃的嗎? :grimacing: #Opinion #Insect Disasters Concern about the revolution in breaking news, hoarding grain and materials, and keeping money and life!
Some people looked at the locusts somehow, and they also shake the machine and said that the Chinese can eat locusts. The locust is a natural disaster. The locust transits, and the herb is not born. This grid is 400 billion. If there is no effective governance method, June 18 trillion, what is the concept? If some people say that the locusts have been solved, it is equivalent to 1.4 billion Chinese people eating 120,000 locusts! Each locust is 0.5 grams, and 120,000 is about 600 kilograms. Is it eaten? :grimacing:

Now Chinese Social Media start covering StarLink and SpaceX(I wonder why :blush:) buy Bitcoin you still have time

#國際 今天SpaceX發射60顆Startlink組網衛星,是SpaceX“獵鷹9號“火箭的第80次成功發射。# 国际 Today, SpaceX launched 60 Startlink networking satellites, the 80th successful launch of the SpaceX “Falcon 9” rocket.

Bitcoin is valuable because it is unstoppable

It will become the global currency

武汉恐大规模饿死人 全境或断网

武汉疫情肆虐,疫区湖北全省实行最严格封户令。众多网友的聊天信息显示,武汉可能要出现大规模饿死人的人道危机。并担心中共会实施全境断网阻止真相曝光。武汉作家说,最大的灾难是全家人在几天全部死光……:scream::scream::scream: Wuhan fears large-scale starvation

The epidemic is raging in Wuhan, and Hubei Province in the affected areas has implemented the strictest closure orders. The chat messages of many netizens indicate that there may be a humanitarian crisis of mass starvation in Wuhan. And he is worried that the CCP will implement a network cut across the country to prevent the truth from being revealed. Wuhan writer says the biggest disaster is the death of the whole family in a few days … :scream::scream::scream:

海南暴力执法。:rage::rage::rage::rage: Violent law enforcement in Hainan. :rage::rage::rage::rage:

共产党让菜农车开不出来,逼着人顶着大雪出来赚钱!!人祸!!武汉人买不到菜!!菜农卖不出去!Whose father is this? Whose pillar! I wore a mask in the morning to sell vegetables.
The Communist Party has prevented vegetable farmers from driving, forcing people to come out and make money under the heavy snow! !! Man-made disaster! !! Wuhan people can’t buy vegetables! !! Vegetable farmers can’t sell!

经历了丧子之痛的女人 Woman who experienced the pain of bereavement

@justice_777 what is Hukou

#中共國 這唯一的一個男的是領導嗎?頭髮比女性長,口罩比女性好🤔 # 中共 国 Is this the only man the leader? Hair is longer than women, and masks are better than women.

They are probably sleep deprived

Removing bodies 24:7

Still very reckless

村里有人强行出村,被村口值岗人员拦住了,对方回家拿出菜刀,把值岗人员一刀砍到脖子上,当场死亡 Someone in the village forcibly left the village and was stopped by the guard on duty at the village entrance. The other party came home and took out a kitchen knife. He chopped the guard on the neck and died on the spot.

My freezer is crammed full but I know that could be lost with a power outage, so most of the food is non perishables.

We are hearing from a survivor :arrow_up:

Worthy of the new world

I’ve made a sign for my gate that reads
Infected Sick People


Thought that might be needed to deter others one day.

Keep away

The hordes

I’ve bought a smaller car, a cheap second hand set of wheels, filled it with petrol and stores more petrol.

I bought n95 masks early, and full coveralls, swim goggles, tape and gym boots


I’ve bought lots of matches, lighters, a radio, I’ve charged up external battery packs with USB ports and a hand crank thing forcthe same.

Garden lights for use as dim torches. Kids can get up or go to bed without candles

You put Silicon Valley CEO’s to shame