Does anyone explain why?

⤺ reposted by @0xCm3oB from I wondered why there wasn’t one standardized test provided by the WHO, to keep stats consistent and reliable. Of course, US would deny it, bc what ours are better than everyone else? 🤦‍♀️

Does anyone explain why?


Mickey Mouse


Trying to calm the fears of the public

Remember Apple stock was up weeks ago

All gibberish to me :see_no_evil:

Even though the factories in China were closed




Is the worst coming?

They are forcing the factories in China to stay open

Running the machines

To fake production output

And the markets are playing along as well

Yes the worst is coming


I’ve uploaded video of these factories :factory: faking full capacity

With only a handful of people on the floor

If the CCP can’t get the workers to return

It’s going to cause a domino effect

On the global economy

Part of my business I sell prepping and survival equipment. My supplier for freeze dried food said at best they are 8 weeks backed up due to the volume of orders. Plus there are items like flour mills that are completely sold out.

The provincial governors are butting heads with Beijing

Because they are enforcing Quarantine

Completely agree.

They turn the factories back on and they’ll all get it?

If Quarantine is broken it will lead to more deaths

China is in a catch 22

And the whole world is playing along with the illusion

But behind the curtains

Looking at history, after dust settles globally, how long before recovery