Dodgers vs. Braves score: L.A. wins dramatic Game 7 to complete NLCS comeback, advance to World Series


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Destination UK continues all blue planes and all circled planes and all the planes within the two blue lines

volume in UK flights is really unbelievable in last 3 days …

Remember 1989 (Listen)

remind yourself this is 1989-1990 :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

SOS (S.O.S Family International - 1994).

Transhumanism :arrow_up:

For all those who need a more in depth explanation

Voter Fraud and how you can protect yourself

I’ve been looking into the mail in ballot frauds and its redundancy checks are there for a reason!!!

yes people are manipulating system

yes if you log in via vpn you can request ballots over and over for different people with zero checks
even mail it but upon 2nd tier checks , it wont pass.

Protect Yourself , check your mailbox see some name in it you don’t know report it better place a camera over mail box , mail fraud is a HUGE problem globally .

^6 ways we could stop this kind of fraud from occurring

  1. Use paper ballots to establish a backup record of each vote.
  2. Outlaw any kind of internet voting — for now.
  3. Verify election results.
  4. Crosscheck voter registrations nationwide to weed out duplicates.
  5. Make voting by mail more secure.
  6. Spend more to make elections trustworthy.

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It’s like they’re proud of divide and conquer