do they cremate in italy?

⤺ reposted by @mtakemiya from . Is this real or is it a CCP mind much?

do they cremate in italy?

Covid-19 virus. 3 year old explains

A friend s son

For the uninitiated, this is why being armed matters:

Not sure. But the levels were high. I know China had very high levels. I’m just now looking into this. It’s very interesting at where things seem to be getting locked down. Only major cities…

So new York next?

Are they cremating people? Isn’t that what happened in Wuhan originally?

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In Dallas, TX

This is the reporter from Dallas who tweeted about it.

the initial value is normal, towards end of february/march you see a reduction. It is just a reduction of polution as industry shuts down, not cremating.


About to hit 200k confirmed infections

Ok back to the news

:ukraine:乌克兰。 利沃夫 药房。
担心冠状病毒的药剂师用胶卷围起来。 只留了开出货物窗口。 所有员工都戴医用口罩。 依次允许买家。 在同一时间在房间里不超过三个人。在利沃夫,敖德萨和扎波罗热隔离。 关闭杂货店,药房和加油站以外的所有机构。冠状病毒

:ukraine: Украины. Львовская аптека.
Фармацевты, обеспокоенные вирусом короны, окружены пленкой. Только оставил грузовое окно. Все сотрудники носят медицинские маски. Разрешить покупателям по очереди. Не более трех человек в комнате одновременно. Во Львове, Одессе и Запорожье изолированы. Закройте все заведения, кроме продуктовых магазинов, аптек и заправок. коронавирус.

:ukraine:Ukraine. Lviv pharmacy.
Pharmacists worried about the corona virus are surrounded with film. Only left the cargo window. All employees wear medical masks. Allow buyers in turn. No more than three people in the room at the same time. In Lviv, Odessa and Zaporozhye are isolated. Close all establishments except grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations. Coronavirus

:us: #國際 蓬佩奧最新講話:
武漢病毒 中共應該承擔責任

:us: # Latest Последняя речь Помпео:
Уханьский вирус КПК должен взять на себя ответственность. Однажды весь мир увидит начало и конец этой чумы.

:us: # 国际 Pompeo’s latest speech:
Wuhan virus CCP should take responsibility
One day the whole world will look at the beginning and end of this plague.

Yes, before consent in these times. No one is saying good bye to their loved ones. People leave the home with CV and you never know anything about them again except when they die