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:mexico: Mexico has confirmed 3,463 new COVID-19 cases and 463 new deaths today, raising the country’s total to 78,023 with 8,597 deaths.

This is the highest number of new COVID-19 cases reported in 24 hours for Mexico since the beginning of the outbreak. SOURCE


:peru: Peru has confirmed 6,154 new COVID-19 cases and 195 new deaths today, raising the country’s total to 135,905 with 3,983 deaths.

This is the highest number of new COVID-19 cases and new deaths reported in 24 hours for Peru since the beginning of the outbreak.


:kr: 82 people now infected with coronavirus after an outbreak at a distribution warehouse for Coupang (South Korea’s version of Amazon). Officials said the facility did not appear to have maintained preventative measures - like wearing masks or workers staying home while feeling ill.

:jp: As Japan reopens, coronavirus testing slowed by bureaucracy and staff shortages.

At the beginning of April, a young Japanese sumo wrestler known as Shobushi came down with a fever. His coaches tried calling a local public health centre to get him a coronavirus test, but the phone lines were busy.

For four days, he was turned away by clinics in Tokyo overwhelmed during a surge of COVID-19 cases. He was finally admitted to hospital on April 8 when he began coughing up blood, but died of the disease on May 13, the Japan Sumo Association said.

As of May 20, Japan conducted 3.4 tests per 1,000 people, far below Italy’s 52.5 and 39 in the United States, according to Oxford University data. South Korea has carried out tests on 15 people per 1,000 people. SOURCE

:ru::cn::brazil::india::south_africa: Russia has decided to postpone the 2020 summits of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS initially scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg in July amid COVID-19 pandemic, the Kremlin announced Wednesday.

San Francisco, June 3 #solidaritydemo #georgefloyd

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Nashville, Saturday, 3pm

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:kr: South Korea re-imposes some social restrictions to combat new virus outbreak.

these cities have events lined up already

:sweden::it: The Italian embassy in Sweden have released a statement criticizing state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell.

The reason is that he said that Sweden’s health care system is better equipped for the COVID-19 pandemic, than the Italian health care system. Italy does not agree.

:somalia: Somaliland Ministry of Health confirms 32 new COVID-19 cases and one more Death bringing the total Confirmed cases to 257.

Somaliland has conducted a total of 1083 COVID-19 tests so far with 18 deaths and 28 recoveries.

:es: Accepting food handouts for the first time has become a reality for thousands in Spain where poverty has soared during the coronavirus pandemic, echoing the 2008 crisis from which many have barely recovered.

so we got sf, houston, seattle, olouisville, phoenix, sacramento, nashjville, atl

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:uk: NHS: The NHS Test and Trace service launched this morning.

If you test positive, you will be asked to share information about who you’ve been in close contact with.

More info on how we do contact tracing for children.

:uk: World Rugby rejects plan for World Cup-style tournament in England next year to generate revenue after coronavirus.

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:sudan: Sudan’s ex-President al-Bashir is in hospital with suspected COVID-19 infection; EHA.

:sweden: Sweden has reported 639 new COVID-19 cases and 46 new deaths, raising the country’s total to 35,727 with 4,266 confirmed deaths.

Sweden’s ban on events with more than 50 people have been extended.


:djibouti: Djibouti records 217 new COVID-19 cases and Two more deaths, bringing the total confirmed cases to 2914.

The new cases were reported out of 1,128 laboratory tests. Djibouti has conducted a total of 25,257 COVID-19 tests so far with 20 deaths & 1,241 recoveries.

On a per-capita basis, Djibouti has the largest number of cases in Africa.

:fr: A man and a woman demonstrate dining under a plastic shield in a Paris restaurant on Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

As restaurants in food-loving France prepare to reopen, some are investing in lampshade-like plastic shields to protect diners from the virus.

:fr: All cafes and restaurants in France can reopen as long the tables are atleast 1 meter apart.

:us: Cuomo is signing a executive order for New York authorizing businesses to deny entry to those who do not wear masks or face-coverings.

See we are just not only Riot News

:us: Iowa Department of Public Health announces another large meatpacking plant outbreak. 555 employees of a Tyson plant in Storm Lake tested positive for coronavirus.

:eu: The CEO of Pfizer says the pharmaceutical giant hopes that it can have a coronavirus vaccine by end of October. AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot said manufacturers are “running against time” because case counts are declining in Europe.

:earth_americas::world_map: Renault to cut 15,000 jobs worldwide, including 4,600 in :fr:France, according to sources.

:fr: France has seen a massive surge in the number of new COVID-19 cases, confirming 3,325 new cases and 69 new deaths on Thursday, total reaches 186,238 with 28,662 confirmed deaths. It is unclear if this is due to backlog or not.

Specific country stats of COVID-19 cases as of 29.05.2020

Timeline of global COVID-19 cases as of 28.05.2020

Today there were 88,453 new cases, 3,685 new deaths and 78,961 new recoveries reported.

There are now 5,867,696 cumulative cases, 360,415 total deaths and 2,569,598 total recoveries.

The global death rate decreased from 6.17% yesterday to 6.14% today.

— It seems that Protests against the Murder of George Floyd are taking place in New York City

:brazil: Brazil has so far confirmed 22,396 new COVID-19 cases and 1,035 new deaths today.

This is the largest case increase reported in the country so far.

Numbers from 5 states not out yet.

— Clashes ongoing between BLM/Antifa Protesters and New York City Police

EasyJet plans to reduce its staff by 30 per cent, as the low-cost carrier expects the size of its fleet to be reduced to 302 aircraft at the end of 2021, 51 planes lower than it forecasted before the outbreak of Wuhan virus.

The group said it expected to run at 30 per cent capacity in the summer month.

United Kingdom has temporarily shut down its embassy in North Korea with all diplomatic staff leaving the country amid the Wuhan virus pandemic, joining other foreign delegations who have already left the communist state.

UK ambassador Colin Crooks said in a Twitter post that the embassy closed on Wednesday and all diplomatic staff had left North Korea “for the time being”.

North Korea has yet to report any confirmed case of Wuhan virus but placed thousands of people under quarantine.

Pyongyang imposed tougher quarantine measures on foreigners. In March, more than 60 foreigners who were quarantined for more than a month in Pyongyang left the country on a special flight.

— Tensions running high in Union Square as NYPD takes some protestors into custody during rally for George Floyd.

The Bank of Korea has cut its growth forecast for this year, predicting a 0.2 per cent contraction, which would be the slowest growth in over two decades.

The revised outlook for Asia’s fourth-largest economy is a sharp decrease from the bank’s February estimate of a 2.1 per cent expansion for 2020 but it is still higher than the IMF forecast of a 1.2 per cent contraction.

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the Racial Tension:
— “The racist and fascist approach that led to the death of George Floyd in the US city of Minneapolis as a result of torture has not only deeply saddened all of us, but it has also become one of the most painful manifestations of the unjust order we stand against across the world.”

South Korea battle with the Wuhan virus transmission after reopening continues to become challenging.

The country on Thursday reported 79 new infections, the biggest daily increase in nearly two months.

South Korea on Thursday reported a spike in new Wuhan virus cases linked to a warehouse operated by the country’s leading e-commerce operator, renewing concerns about community spread in Seoul and the surrounding metropolitan areas, where about half of the country’s population lives.

"Infection routes have been diversified in workplaces, cram schools, bars and karaoke rooms in the metropolitan area,” informed health minister Park Neung-hoo during the government meeting on Thursday.

A total of 69 cases have been traced to Coupang’s logistics centre in Bucheon, west of Seoul, as health authorities are trying hard to prevent a second wave of infections with mass testing and aggressive contact tracing and isolation measures.

South Korean investigators are currently targetting hundreds of contacts identified with the new sick cases.

The rest of cases are still under investigation.

— Protesters are gathering around Union Square, New York City

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