Do people think you are crazy?

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Do people think you are crazy?

I wouldn’t give a sh*t. What dumb people thought… :roll_eyes:

It’s better to be prepared and ready than be unprepared.

As they come to your house and ask to borrow food later… :roll_eyes:

Bartering systems are good for times like these

always have the essentials


:ok_hand:t4: Facts.

Let’s not forget the AMMO!!


There’s been a couple of people who told me they’re not worrying about stocking up on stuff, because when the time comes they’ll just take it…

That’s real talk…
Because people will do it.

Remember *not to let strangers know that you’re stocking up. :shushing_face:

You don’t want a situation where people are going to break into your home for what you have.

Because they will. When it comes down to life and death. Or to feed their child…

Very few other than immediate family are aware I have suddenly stockpiled 6 months food and supplies. I’ve hoarded away batteries, cleaners, sanitary products, medicines, bug spray, toothpaste, toilet paper, plastic bags, just sooo much stuff. I’ve spent savings on all this. Those carts were one of about eight trips I’ve done similar. The checkout operators are often surprised and I make excuses. I say “four families camping trip” or “I got a bonus check from work” I say things to shrug off the large purchases.
I thought it best not tell ppl I have a shop load of stuff in my house.

Atta girl