Do not stay on Earth

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Keep building skill sets

Do not stay on Earth

When the path to go Off-World is available

Some of you want it more badly than others

The gals especially

Are kicking ass in building up skills

Look at the skill sets of the Non-Terrestrial Officers

Aerospace Engineering,
Optical Engineering,
Earth Sciences Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics
High Vacuum Theory
Earth and Planetary Sciences
Electrical Engineering

Do you think these Wizards :mage:‍♂ pay attention or waste time on politics?

Do you think at MIT they wasted time protesting Reagan or Bush???

A gold rush has started.

Many of you can be in it

Look at @cosmicdoe she’s in a intensive one year program to learn welding

After that I guarantee that Lockheed or Boeing scoops her up.

Right now in Antartica they have PHD’s washing dishes in the mess hall

you know why

because they want to be there

how badly do you think they want to go Off-planet?

and all of you can leave the bullshit in the white world behind

all of you

Some of you have been in Quarintine for 6 months

how did you use that time

even watching Space Force on Netflix

they purposley emphasized the need for skilled technicians.

Remember the scene in which they were seeking Welders for the Lunar Base

and the guy wanted a million dollars

guess what


remember when the helicopter pilot who the Helicopter Pilot who would fly Steve Carrell around asked on of the scientist played by Jimmy Yang to teach her Botany.


for you to pick up on

It’s worth watching? I didn’t know if it was just dumb.

Many are called, few are selected.

listen to what I’m saying

Many are called, few are selected.

if you can isolate the humor/comedy

and understand the underlying message then yes it’s worth. watching

but you have to seperate it from the Legacy Space Force

the show is satire on the growing pains of the White Space Force

Ok I’ll check it out

which was created in December

in reality

both are now under joint operation

but noticed how when you watch it how it is Pro-Meritocracy

and take notice of the real world examples

I want you all to watch this episode.

In the White World, this is the purest example of what a meritocracy is like on Earth.

In a meritocratic society, members work together to achieve common goals. These values come up often in sci-fi media as a form of soft disclosure.

If some of you truly want to know what life is like on the sea floor (which is referred to as The Floor) or off-world (under the dome on Mars), this is it.


The women Anthony Bourdain interviews are made of the same mettle as Ellen Ripley.

These women are able to carry their own weight in a multitude of skills, including HAM radio, first aid, welding, knowledge and usage of weaponry, etc.

(Also Mars could use a bit more Women too. :roll_eyes: Just saying…)

Tomorrow, we will discuss why espousing a meritocracy is crucial in these environments - and why anti-meritocracy is a threat to society.

I remember this episode

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