Do I trash em when they get here? I cant cancel it.

Do I trash em when they get here? I cant cancel it.

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What did you bought

Look in top right of picture. Face masks

Oh that are masks lol

Says the guy in NY faked the virus

Figured as much

no, keep them, they will probably be clean when they arrive. You can also warm them up to 50 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes(hairdryer) to decontaminate. The virus can’t handle those temperatures

Actually without water I don’t think the virus can survive well

The guy in ny has it

thé Chinese guy ^?

Major US companies are beginning to advise employees to avoid all non-essential travel within the United States until April 1st.

Anyone know how the cough starts? Sore throat 1st? I suddenly got itchy throat and can’t stop coughing!

Are you near a cluster?

It seems it can survive on dry surfaces, so beware of that.

But not for that long like shipping from China to the US


50x n95 masks

But also should beware about anyone who deliver the masks have virus

So, you technically need a mask for the mask. Metamask? :stuck_out_tongue: