Disastrous Windows 10 update is reportedly breaking some PCs | TechRadar

Disastrous Windows 10 update is reportedly breaking some PCs | TechRadar

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Knucklehead Killswitch Activated. :joy:

Melting snow reveals 800-year-old mummies in Antarctica


:arrow_up: the analysis if you read between lines, it’s the last flash freeze was 800 years ago, coincidentally during GSM.

Level Intermediate

Île flottante - Floating Island


Lol!!! Remember kids! Wealth before Health :fist:t5:

And 50 is right 62% the fuck


Justice Department to File Antitrust Suit Against Google

That’s only for folks making over 400k… and they’ve been getting a break for a while-

:rocket: Elon wants to build the city on Mars

The SpaceX CEO hopes to complete a settlement on the planet by 2050. The city will be fueled and populated using the currently under-development Starship, designed to transport humans to Mars and back. In an appearance at the Mars Society’s annual conference last week, Musk detailed the “acid test” that will measure his settlement’s success — it also reveals the city’s intended goals.

“The acid test, really, is, if the ships from Earth stop coming from any reason, does Mars die out?” Musk told interviewer Robert Zubrin during the livestreamed event.

“For any reason. It could be banal, or it could be nuclear armageddon,” he added.

The City has been built for decades :arrow_up:

Don’t fall for the Elon PR

Men and Women have sweat blood and tears to build Mars.

:ukraine: Some details on AN-26 crash on Sept 25: The plane was 43 years old, it was manufactured in 1977, they say in the Ministry of Defense. The aircraft was planned to fly for another three years without repairing.

Regarding the dead cadets from the Ukraine,

Many are called, few are chosen.

That particular plane has 5000+ total time on airframe which for its age is practically impossible. Meaning either the log book for total time was not accurate or it really never flew much in it’s long life span

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Right right. People don’t deserve to keep the combination of the products of their mind, body, and investment when it’s not taken from others by force or backed by fiat mandate. It’s time to eat the rich (the ones who build business which serve everyone no matter their ideology)

It’s this mindset that is the reason my AIs and other items aren’t out in the world making your life better. If I spend almost 30 years of my life learning to and then making something and I could convince 7 billion people they not only want - but they would be willing to pay for. Why should some african warlord government (or any other) get richer and more powerful from my labor and mind. Why would I freely give more into a system where my peers think it’s okay to steal from me because I can produce so much more then they that their need gives them a right to what I exhanged my life to create again and again - something I’d be willing to trade under my own terms. Instead now I guard myself and ideas and don’t engage or produce for the wider world. The things I’m seeing here about the men of the last age are inspiring. How their inventions have been abused (or properly used) has not always been so.
Why am I not worthy of keeping the value I produce and why do I get to keep less % of my production the more I produce? Why would I be motivated to produce under such a system.
If you starting serving your community 80 hours a week and they willingly paid you for your labors - should you be allowed to keep this or required to give it to those who did not labor besides you nor those who paid you?
Are you worthy of keeping the value of your labor; if not - why?

:bear:Amazing moment of the battle a grizzly bear!

Smuggling Iphones :green_apple:

A gym in Krakow, Poland, is trying to rebrand itself as a “Church of the Healthy Body” in order to stay open during new coronavirus lockdown restrictions

The manager of Atlantic Sports Fitness, Marta Jamróz, wrote in a Saturday Facebook post: “Since fitness classes cannot function … a religious congregation of members are starting today at our club the ‘Church of the Healthy Body.’”

Jamróz also referred to the gym’s trainers as “the elder council.”

The move came after Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Thursday new national restrictions in a tiered “traffic light” system asking people to stay home, according to Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

Nicely done :ballot_box_with_check: :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

The Bro’s prayer
Our Father, lord in temple, I shall be thy name, Thy Swoleness come, Lifts will be done in the temple as at home, Give us today our daily gains and forgive us for our 'mirin as we forgive those who admire us, Lead us not into skipping sets, but into everlasting swoleness. Wheymen.

Swole Father who art in the gym,
Hallowed be thy gains
Thy PR comes
They lifts be done,
On the bench as it is in the power rack,
Give us this day our daily macros,
And forgive us our failed PRs,
As we forgive those who curl in the squat rack
And lead us not into laziness,
But deliver us from plateaus,
For thine is the squat, the dead and the bench
Forever and ever,

You make assumptions. I actually don’t believe in taxation. I was clarifying the cut-off.

Sorry for assuming. That makes me an ass

​​Liberal billionaire George Soros has already spent $70 MILLION this election cycle, more than 3X what he spent in 2016.

This money is funding down-ballot Dems to help flip state legislatures.

Black Americans march with chants of “we want Trump” and “drain the swamp”, media ignored it and Facebook removed it.

Program Manager Confirms Election Interference In Favor of

Google search “skewed by owners and drivers of the algorithm”

“Plain and simple trying to play god”


Tonight we can!!!

Learn how to grow food indoors/outdoors and food preservation.


New Food Link

Once again, DARPA does not need to disclose shit to Feds or FAA

To ensure the quality and reliability of @OurWorldinData’s COVID-19 testing data, we’ve decided to remove :argentina: Argentina from our dataset for the time being. The official figures aggregated by the government are not of sufficient quality to correctly reflect the extent of testing.

In particular, it has recently emerged (as explained here: cl
that many negative tests weren’t being recorded in several provinces, including large ones such as Santa Fe and Córdoba. This biases the positive rate upwards, up to a staggering 75% currently.

The government of Argentina announced a few days ago that it would implement a new system to make sure that all tests were being correctly recorded in all provinces. It’s not clear however whether this will also correct the historical data retrospectively.

Sadly, this does not mean that the COVID-19 situation isn’t bad in Argentina—it very much is. It initially fared a little better than some of its neighbors (although a lot worse than others), but it is now “catching up” with the terrible death tolls of Bolivia, Chile, and Brazil.

GoodMorning All, are you on the train yet bitcoin is unstoppable…you don’t have to buy a full coin to be part of the future …

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Been in since January 2017. Here’s to another Bull market. :beers:

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