Devastating on the elderly

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Devastating on the elderly

They certainly have interesting way of expressing themselves

I thought the swastikas on faces were great

So that hospital is not fully built

All for show

I have a couple methods

1 i sanitized my fb so anyone can veiw it and i dont gotta worry anout my fam

Without making a fake name or anything so they cant hit you with the bs they do to big pages

2 i “attack” other spreaders of info by bombing the shit outta them wirh videos

Big info dumps of shit they havent seen is eye opening to wm

Does anyone think sharing these videos in public outside this group is a bad idea?

What are they gonna do?


I mean you can

I did

Wow are you serious

Yes lol

Facebook too

That’s a story itself

Mike stop story chasing


Right I remember

but then I saw those videos circulating on twitter

so they go out


It’s good

Good that they are out

It saves lives


Memes incoming

Neat :slight_smile: the keep sharing the links