[Desert Regional Medical Center - Palm Springs CA] Forcing staff to reuse disposable gowns and use masks “until visibly soiled or damaged.”

Where: Desert Regional Medical Center, Tenet Health, Palm Springs, CA, USA
Report: Forcing staff to reuse disposable gowns and use masks “until visibly soiled or damaged.”
Administration Response: Not sure what other poster was referring to but I have a different perspective… Only Positive things to say. I am a current ER resident. I have found that administration/leadership has been very proactive with planning for the pandemic. They ensure that each staff member has a brand new n95 mask that is issued to us each shift. We have two paprs that we use for intubation. They converted an entire section of the er into a low risk respiratory area, and made an entire section of the ER a negative pressure where we have higher acuity respiratory/covid patients where we perform intubations. I also know that they have gone on to add 40-50 more negative pressure rooms throughout the hospital. So far, there have been enough gowns, masks, face shields, but they have been allocating ppe so as not to run out. The community has been great with donating more PPE and we are again, storing and rationing out as seen fit. Administration emails us daily and gives us updates on the status of PPE, # of covid patients, # of suspected, etc.
In addition, ER Residents that were concerned they had COVID, exposed to COViD or were symptomatic were given time off until their testing came back negative (sometimes took 1-2 weeks) or they were asymptomatic. The other residents were willing and able to help cover the shifts when needed. Also, because the volume has decreased, seniors have also been sending Juniors and interns home 2-3 hours early so they can have time to rest.
We have been changing our didactics into a zoom quality format, which has worked smoothly with continuing education. We have even been able to break out into small groups to continue foundations. I can go on and on but only have positive things to say about our leadership and administration through these stressful times.