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⤺ reposted by @0xDraut from Amazon will stop receiving new FBA orders that are not virus-related items, until at least April 5.

I am in San Francisco where there is orders to stay in but I see a lot of people still out and about. I work for a Pharmacy so had to go out

Do you have a mask

I don’t think the shelter in place is police enforced. They’re just sort of nudging people indoors by canceling all group activities, but folks can still walk around if they want. Dunno how much of an “order” is it aside from to the establishments

Are people being heckled by police to get back indoors?

Yeah i think it needs to be more e forced

Yeah same. Otherwise it defeats the purpose. From what I saw, China was actually forcing people inside

No on my way to work say 2 police cars and nothing.

The California group mentioned the roads to the bay area are closed. Someone from Fresno was trying to make a delivery and it got stopped and returned.

Do you have the link for the California group?

What is a California group?

Holy F @theresav how unsettling and psychopathic

40 years old from Turin was about to be leaving the hospital after battling Corona… last test before saying thanks and goodbye to the doctors and he was found positive again

I slept through the Trump news this morning… anyone know what he announced??

Welcome new members

This is crazy. Let’s just make sure everyone gets sick… :cry:

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