Deadlier reinfection is speculative.

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⤺ reposted by @justice_777 from Top U.S. General in Korea says military personnel who attended the church are on mandatory self-quarantine.


Deadlier reinfection is speculative. With an outbreak starting early to mid December there literally has not been enough time for any person to contract the illness, transition through 4-6 weeks plus of illness and recovery and then incubate again a virus that can take up to 24 days before becoming symptomatic. It would be near impossible to differentiate between a first infection from a second at this time.

Is it true? 5 new dead in Iran? Qom

Qom is under quarantine. Schools are closed.

I’ve only seen 2 so far.
Apparently, they died 2 hours after testing came back positive.
If this is true, I’m thinking their deaths may have been suspicious

Hi everybody. I am from south africa. The goverment here are telling us that there is no cases of the oronavirus yet in south africa. But we do not believe them! What do you think about it?

All the Nation states are lying

Best to start preparing you and your loved ones

Before the dead start dropping in Joberg

Apparently South Korea are testing all flu patients, which is what every country should be doing

Hence the huge numbers


The Nation States no longer have your best interest at heart

Key is are they testing? They can’t find what they do not look for.

Twitter remove this link right now

Of course because they are culpable

With the millions of dead that are to come

Hi I am in Australia qld just wondering if everyone’s thoughts about an outbreak here I don’t think our medical systems is prepared at all i know they have asked people to self quarantine here I heard 25,000 are self quarantine in this country we don’t hear much on the news they just brought them in from the cruise ship to Darwin

It’s not gonna be like last time where the Newspaper’s of them 1920s got away with deniability.

I still think they think we are all stupid
Just wash hands it’s just like the flu blah blah

It’s not the flu