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Use vpn


Warning about Corona Virus scams…

I work combating scam trends on social media, we have not seen this one yet

WHO website last update was the 19th for Cambodia corona virus update…they seem not to be raising red flag on this issue…but they are also combating other issues as well acccordong to website

Hello guys, I’m from Mexico. We are having a problems with dengue right now.

Yep, it’s a mosquito borne disease, a virus in fact

Main problem it’s that our new goverment; a leftist one is not updating the problems to WHO

Yes, but our gov just dont care

Those guys even didnt got a quarentine

Yep, but main problem here is that the guy that got in contact with that shitton of people was in Mexico City.

Mexico city it’s a perfect disease spreading scenario.

Ight homey we can disagree on sources but the insults gotta go

damn, we have here Chikungunya and Zika

You have already said you piece, move on bro

We just sharing reports, seeing even what the mainstream is saying

Cool man, cant wait

I think survivors will get and easier world

Not that anyone cares anymore what the WHO thinks.

Hence why gold is at all time highs.

Exactly why im buying long puts.

“His comments at a press conference in Geneva came after the WHO admitted the killer outbreak will never be officially declared a pandemic, which is defined as the uncontrolled worldwide spread of a new disease.”

Not the first time I have been burned.

Everyone here I know thinks im paranoid about this situation… I am almost already prepared for the SHTF

New York, Long Island

Everyone laughs because I wear my mask around and gloves…


Especially with this new bail reform we have here. Crime is rampant.

Idiocracy permeates throughout our ENTIRE culture…

It’s because most Dr.s don’t care… They have their student loans to pay off so they just sit you down listen to your issues and prescribe drugs then bill your insurance. I have been telling people this for years.

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What does this mean?

Means I am betting on the stock to go down. Basically

Best to google it… Hard to explain options contracts are tricky and you have to buy and sell with the surge so to speak.