Cute figures found!

发现可爱的数字! 在#冠状病毒爆发后,许多公民穿着充气娃娃的衣服代替防护服来保护他们。 街上看到一个宇航员,一只可爱的熊,甚至一棵圣诞树。 这部分地减轻了张力。

Cute figures found! After the # coronavirus outbreak, many citizens wear clothes of inflatable dolls instead of protective clothing to protect them. An astronaut, a cute bear and even a Christmas tree are being seen on the street. This partially relaxes the tension.

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Do you think this is a good idea? Can we wash those costume every time we come get home?

Same for all of you increase the nodes/users/members

I don’t recommend it. For one I have no idea of this is anywhere near an epidemic. Two I would need to talk to a seamstress to see how airtight such costumes are and if they match NBC/Nuclear Biological Chemical standards