Current same location as last night

Current same location as last night

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Cool cgi… I hope !

Germany is implementing a nation wide test of the existing CD alert infrastructure. For the first time since 1989 (on a national level):

Recap 9/6/2020

  1. Professor Morner: “We now seem to be in possession of quite convergent data indicating that by 2030-2040 will be in a new GSM which will lead to a significant climatic deterioration and ice expansion.” Large parts of the United States are bracing for a violent swing in the weather, with a record-busting 16+inches of early-September snow forecast to accumulate. Cold forecast with near 65 °F temperature drop for the start of Fall 2020 across the US. A very intense and unusually strong cold outbreak is forecast across North America. Nearly 65 degrees F temperature drop will result.

  2. Space Force aims to set standard for diversity, inclusion in the military. When 1st Lt. Kelley McCaa found out she would be part of the American military’s first all-female space operations crew, alongside a team of women she considers close friends, she knew it would make a bold statement for the newly-formed U.S. Space Force.

  3. ISS 437.800 MHz cross band FM repeater activated. At 01:02 GMT on September 2 a cross band FM amateur radio repeater with a downlink on 437.800 MHz was activated on the International Space Statio. The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) announcement reads: “The ARISS team is pleased to announce that set up and installation of the first element of our next generation radio system was completed and amateur radio operations with it are now underway. This first element, dubbed the InterOperable Radio System (IORS), was installed in the International Space Station Columbus module. The IORS replaces the Ericsson radio system and packet module that were originally certified for spaceflight on July 26, 2000.”

  4. UN forced to admit Gates-funded vaccine is causing polio outbreak In Africa. This really should be one of the biggest scandals in public health, but it’s given little attention – mainly because of the high-profile nature of the people and organizations involved. The United Nations has been forced to admit that a major international vaccine initiative is actually causing the outbreak of the very disease it was supposed to wipe-out. While international organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) will regular boast about supposedly ‘eradicating polio’ with vaccines, the opposite seems to be the case. Their decades-long campaign to eradicate polio is now killing scores of innocent young people living in poor countries. Now it seems that health officials are beginning to admit that their plan to stop ‘wild’ polio is backfiring, as scores children are being paralyzed a deadly strain of the pathogen derived from a live vaccine – causing a virulent of polio to spread.

  5. Privacy outrage after Google users discover Chrome’s built-in anti-virus tool is scanning private files on their computers without telling them. The discovery was made by Kelly Shortridge, a cybersecurity expert at New York based startup SecurityScorecard, who noticed it was scanning files in a document.

  6. Harald Malmgren: “Almost one-third of workforce might continue work from home (WFH) 3 to 5 years, according to Morgan Stanley. Would shift overhead costs from employer to employee, curb commercial real estate demand, alter lifestyles. Lasting economic effects?”

  7. Rising food inflation and shortages may lead to the worst riots yet. Food costs have soared this year but may head even higher due to poor crop production. Combined with declining stimulus, riots could occur.

  8. Farmers fear Halloween horror show as Covid-19 leads to pumpkin shortage. Farmers are terrified after the number of cases across the country began to rise.

  9. One of Australia’s oldest industries is under threat because of coronavirus. There’s a dire shortage of shearers, made worse by travel restrictions. While it’s a concern for farmers, some see it as a new opportunity.

  10. Queensland farmers are desperately trying to entice young Australians to fruit picking as they face a chronic shortage of workers, despite the fact they could be earning up to $3800 a week.

  11. Drugs that fight diabetes and obesity may treat Covid-19. Novo Nordisk A/S, the Danish drugmaker, is exploring whether a new class of medicines that helps people lose weight and control diabetes also has potential in fighting Covid-19.

  12. ‘Ridiculous’ - Asda, Tesco and other UK supermarkets swap cardboard egg boxes for plastic. People are complaining about plastic egg boxes but there’s a good reason.

  13. Are TikTok teens responsible for the great sewing machine shortage of 2020? What started as an errand to JoAnn’s for a machine ended in a Craigslist bidding war. Sudden sewing boom has sewing machine sellers scrambling. The Clorox wipes shortage continues to hog the attention, but there’s another product that’s been hard to find on store shelves over the past four months because of coronavirus: sewing machines.

  14. Training program aims to ease shortage of “automation” techs. As DCs step up their use of automated fulfillment equipment, demand for qualified technicians is outpacing supply. A new certification program aims to fill the gap.

  15. Ball plans new aluminum plant to counter can shortage. Traditionally lean supply chains industry-wide have made ramping up U.S. production challenging for can makers, some of which are importing cans to keep up.

  16. Two under-the-radar ways to play the aluminum can shortage. Aluminum can supplier Ball Corp. should benefit from a nationwide shortage, two traders say. Aluminum is at the center of a major pandemic-fueled disruption. The coronavirus crisis is causing an aluminum can shortage as lockdowns accelerate demand for packaged food and drinks, The Wall Street Journal reported last week. “This is hurting the beverage makers the most,” Gina Sanchez, founder and CEO of Chantico Global, told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Friday. “The bigger you are, the better you can handle this, but I think that this goes back to the manufacturers as the biggest beneficiary of this cycle.” Ball Corp. and Crown Holdings, two of the biggest aluminum can makers, were Sanchez’s choices for trading the shortage. “Ball actually had the best performance [year to date], but Crown Holdings still has significant room for more expansion of their multiples,” she said. “So, there’s a valuation play there.” Craig Johnson, senior technical research analyst at Piper Sandler, said aluminum itself appears to be gearing up for another leg higher. Johnson said those seeking to play the aluminum crunch should look elsewhere for their trades. “What I’m seeing is kind of weak relative strength in those charts,” he said. “If I’m looking to try to beat the market, which all portfolio managers are looking to do, this is not the spot to get that alpha.”

  17. TechForce finds technician ‘shortage continues to worsen,’ notes COVID-19 might help supply. The TechForce Foundation said Monday an analysis of new Bureau of Labor Statistics data found the combined automotive, collision and diesel technician shortage “increasing in severity.” “Although demand is strong, with 642,000 auto/diesel/collision techs needed between 2020 and 2024, the shortage continues to worsen. The good news is these careers have been deemed essential by the government, and the transportation industry is organizing to do something about the shortage,” TechForce CEO Jennifer Maher said in a statement. “TechForce’s campaigns are leveraging the industry’s collective voice to inspire the next generation of technicians and address the root causes of the shortage.”

  18. W-S startup, IBM team up to track drug shortages in growing crisis. The global drug shortage crisis has accelerated at an alarming rate during the COVID-19 crisis.

  19. Shortage of dry ice could chill coronavirus vaccine distribution. “The demand on dry ice is so high around the country that people have been calling us from Chicago, Seattle, Texas, Wyoming,” says Marc Savenor, owner of Acme Dry Ice in Cambridge.

  20. Hospitality Lawyer: "Restaurant demand for patio heaters during coronavirus could lead to shortage. “…with indoor dining still restricted in some parts of the country… restaurant owners are left grappling with how to generate revenue when the weather cools…”

  21. At the height of the pandemic, many boat manufacturers slowed down production, affecting boat dealers who are trying to keep their stock up. The fishing industry is also seeing a similar shortage with some of their supplies, items like fishing tackle are getting harder and harder to find. The owner of a local bait and tackle shop said he’s breaking sales records like never before.

  22. ‘We are outnumbered’ — cybersecurity pros face a huge staffing shortage as attacks surge during the pandemic. The Information Systems Security Association found a 63% increase in cyberattacks related to the pandemic, calling Covid a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for hackers and online scammers.”

  23. Hindu Sonal Trivedi: “Pathetic situation in Mainland. People starving, No Food in CCP controlled Stores, Flood in all parts of China haa destroyed food Store. Major shortage of grains and rice Grocery has been rationed to minimum limit. China’s Titanic sinking faster than real one.”

  24. China may face food shortage. National campaigns to cut food waste in China have raised fears of an impending food shortage in the near future. Soaring corn prices are stoking food security jitters in China, where food inflation has climbed to the highest in over a decade and President Xi Jinping made a recent high-profile plea for an end to wastage. The price surge in corn - critical for China’s mammoth hog, dairy and poultry sectors - is the latest in a series of ructions that include a devastating pig disease, pandemic-driven upsets for international suppliers and warnings of a growing food supply gap. Prices have risen as the country heads for its first real corn shortfall in years in the upcoming 2020/21 season starting in October and could face a deficit of up to 30 million tonnes, around 10% of its total crop, say analysts and traders. That would be a likely boon for major exporters like the United States and Ukraine, but threatens to push up global prices and have a knock-on impact elsewhere as some corn users switch to other grains.

  25. The EU’s dearth of critical minerals leaves it reliant on problematic sources such as Russia and China, which have less regard for the environment and human rights and often have conflicting geopolitical objectives, as the EU strives to become climate neutral by 2050. ”Raw materials will play a hugely important part in our future, especially given the ongoing transition towards a green and digital economy — a trend not only accelerated but one which lies at the heart of our recovery," European Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič said Sept. 3 at a press conference on critical raw materials resilience in the EU. Shortages of a number of commodities needed for everything from renewable energy to military hardware undermine the region’s sustainability goals and its wider geopolitical priorities, particularly regarding resource-rich rivals. The EU imports between 75% and 100% of most of its metals, while China provides 98% of its rare earth supply, Šefčovič said as the bloc revealed a strategy to secure the supply of 30 critical materials including four newly added ones — bauxite, lithium, strontium and titanium.

  26. Coronavirus: leaked letter says over 200 UN staff in Syria have contracted Covid-19. Independent sources say scores of medical workers have died in recent weeks, increasing fears that Damascus is covering up true scale of pandemic.

  27. Hamas denounces US attempts at linking the resistance movement to the Boogaloo Bois, a US-based far-right group.

  28. Taiwan’s Patriot air defense shot down today by Chinese Su-35S fighter (according to other sources, J-10) in Guangxi province, 6 km north-west of Guilin Qifenglin air base; the pilot ejected. A PLA Air Force fighter flew next to American warships in Taiwan area, which used electronic warfare against it, due to which aircraft’s global positioning systems were violated, and Chinese pilot invaded PRC airspace for 28 seconds. Taiwanese Ministry of Defense published an official denial, which disappeared from government website minutes after publication. The site itself is also unavailable at the moment. Nicola Smith, Asia correspondent for The Telegraph, copied a message from the Taiwan Ministry of Defense on Twitter. There is no official statement from China.

  29. Hong Kong mourns the end of its way of life as China cracks down on dissent. “It’s like watching a patient with cancer finally die." Hong Kongers grapple with the loss of their city.

  30. Crude bomb explosion took place this evening at Kamarhati, Barrackpore, WB, where two people were killed and two others were injured. Police suspect that the men were making the bombs when the blast occurred.

  31. One man has been killed and at least seven other injured in several chain stabbing occurred in Sunday morning in Birmingham. The second British city police have declared a “major incident” and launched for and capture the complainant, although the mobile is not yet known.

  32. In the run-up of "March of Unity,” a large convoy of special vehicles (water cannons, cars with barbed wire, paddy wagons) and trucks with personnel of security forces advanced from Uruchya towards the center of Minsk. Unusual variants of BRDM-2 (CR/PV) with assault pads and modernized BTR-70MB were spotted in Minsk. At least ten BTR-80s of Belarusian Armed Forces are on display in front of Lukashenko’s palace. The center of Minsk is cordoned off. More than 100 thousand people gathered at the Palace of Independence, and arrests began. Columns of security forces, putting forward shields, moved in the direction of protesters. In Vitebsk, protesters managed to break through the cordon of security forces. In Minsk, people in civilian clothes (employees of GUBOPiK without uniforms) participated in the detentions, breaking the windows of a cafe and detaining even children.

  33. Russian military advisers spotted at local wine and vodka store buying booze. Several groups of specialists from Russia were sent to Venezuela in 2019. The military attaché of Venezuelan embassy in Russia, Jose Rafael Torrealba Perez, said that all Russian military personnel stationed in Venezuela are part of military-technical exchange group. Typically, Russian engineers/mechanics have been wearing FANB uniforms, but “a few bottles of vodka hint at their nationality.”

  34. US troops arrive in Lithuania amid tensions with Belarus. An armored US battalion is arriving in Lithuania on Friday amid heightened tensions with Belarus. US Army M1A1SA Abrams tanks of the 2nd Battalion, 69th Armored Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, arrived in Lithuania to support Operation Atlantic Resolve.

  35. The US military has also arrived in Georgia to participate in the “Noble Partner 2020” maneuvers, along with military personnel from Georgia, UK, France and Poland. American military equipment and US troops have arrived in Georgia to participate in the Noble Partner 2020 multinational command and staff exercise. A Striker armored personnel carrier and HUMVEE off-road vehicles, logistics vehicles and artillery were delivered to the port of Poti on a dry cargo ship Ocean Freedom from Norfolk. After unloading from the ship, they were transported to the base of the 2nd Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces in Senaki.

  36. Coronavirus scourge leaves Mexico short of death certificates. Mexico is running out of death certificates due to the high death toll brought by the coronavirus pandemic and federal bureaucratic delays, authorities say, delaying funerals as corpses lay in wait.

  37. Navy searching for sailor who went missing in North Arabian Sea. The U.S. Navy is reportedly conducting a search-and-rescue operation in the North Arabian Sea after a sailor went missing in the area.

  38. ‘Sci-Fi Awesome’—A U.S. Army self-propelled howitzer firing a Mach-five shell just shot down a cruise missile.

  39. Guantanamo prisoners: US court says due process not for them. The landmark decision means judges at Gitmo’s war court are not necessarily obliged to consider the rights of detainees or their cases through the lens of the US constitution.

  40. On US payroll tax cuts from an accountant: “Let me say this. Yes, payroll tax cuts starts today which means taxes will not be taken out of your paychecks as long as you make less than $104,000 annually. Listen to me save that money don’t blow it. You will need that money later on. You have to pay that money back one way or another which means your employer will take a higher percentage of payroll taxes from your paycheck starting January 1, 2021-April 30, 2021. Your paycheck will be significantly lower during that time period. Don’t get caught up in the hype that you have more money because in reality by the end of April 30, 2021 it balances out to being the same amount of money you would have made anyway without the cut. Don’t put yourself in debt because of this.”

  41. Wealthy NYC college student arrested at BLM riots after causing “$100,000 in damages” to Manhattan businesses. A rich college student was one of eight arrested in Black Lives Matter violence and rioting in Manhattan on Friday night. The eight thugs were arrested after they bashed out windows at a local small business in Manhattan. Clara Kraebber, 20, was among those arrested after the vandalism spree on Friday in the Flatiron District, where demonstrators were protesting over the death of Daniel Prude in upstate Rochester. All were charged with rioting, and some were additionally charged with weapons and burglary tool possession. Of the eight arrested, five were men and two were women. Two of the arrests are from out of state, including one from Portland, Oregon and one from Iowa. Kraebber, an undergraduate at Rice University. Her father is a psychiatrist who teaches at the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, and her mother is an architect at a prestigious Manhattan firm.

  42. Andy Ngo: “Video of Antifa rioters in Manhattan yesterday smashing up property and businesses. The riot was co-organized by Antifa group.”

  43. London Breed: “Last night, over 1,000 people crowded on Ocean Beach to celebrate Burning Man. This was absolutely reckless & selfish. You are not celebrating. You are putting people’s lives at risk. You are putting our progress at risk. No one is immune from spreading the virus.”

  44. At 121 degrees, Woodland Hills hits all-time high temperature for L.A. County. Sunday will be slightly hotter than Saturday in Southern California – and that likely means more heat wave records.

  45. The wildfire burning near Shaver Lake exploded to 145 sq km, jumped a river and compromised the only road into the Mammoth Pool Campground. At least 2,000 structures were threatened in the area north of Los Angeles, where temperatures in the city’s San Fernando Valley reached 47°C. In Southern California, fire in foothills of Yucaipa east of Los Angeles prompted evacuation orders for eastern portions of the city of 54,000 along with several communities, including Oak Glen, Mountain Home Village and Forest Falls. In less than 24 hours, a wildfire burned through thousands of acres of California’s Sierra National Forest on Saturday, trapping campers and forcing other people to evacuate. Over 200 people have been rescued from areas surrounding Madera County, north of Fresno, California, as the Creek Fire reaches 36,000 acres and continues to grow. More than 150 people were camping in the Sierra National Forest and were cut off after wildfires blocked roads.

  46. California narrowly averted another round of rotating blackouts Saturday after officials made desperate pleas to conserve power as reserves fell below critical levels during a record-breaking heat wave. The state’s grid operator gave the all-clear signal shortly before 9 p.m. local time as temperatures fell after sundown. The state’s grid is being pushed to the brink as climate change makes California weather increasingly volatile and the region suffers through yet another heat wave and rash of wildfires. Electricity prices for delivery Saturday evening into Southern California jumped to $800 a megawatt-hour, according to data from the grid operator. That’s an indication of tightening supplies as solar production tapers off. California Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday signed an emergency order freeing up extra electricity supplies.

  47. Richard Stallman, author of the GNU manifesto, resigns from the Free Software Foundation. Richard Stallman has resigned from MIT and the Free Software Foundation following controversial remarks about the victims of Jeffery Epstein.

  48. Linus Torvalds defends his right to shame Linux kernel developers. “My culture is cursing": Linux kernel world is a hostile place—by design.

  49. A real war is happening in the offices, and in the open source projects, not on the streets. Practically all BDFLs have been wiped out - practically 100% of them in a very short time. This is a huge disaster - not just in tech, but in many of the sciences too. “Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL) is a title given to a small number of open-source software development leaders, typically project founders who retain the final say in disputes or arguments within the community.” Strongly pro-property rights, lib-right view — strongly supporting the rights of the project’s founder to exert authority over the project he created, and others willingly contributed to under a license giving him that authority. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can create / fork their own, and rule the property that they created. Strongly anti-property rights, communist view — against property rights across the board, including being against any rights of those who create a project to retain any rights of control over it. Instead, rule by layman mobs, committees, and victim olympics. This is why the SJWs will always be for the elimination of BDFLs, and cannot ever be swayed by logical arguments, e.g. that the BDFL who created it more likely has the expertise to guide it than anyone else. They can never be swayed to like BDFLs, because it conflicts with their basic core beliefs on property rights. So they have cancelled all the BDFLs. The war against “old white men”, and diversity quotas is all part of this same BDFL-cancelling power grab too. Anti-meritocracy, anti “old white men”, diversity quotas — all part of the same toolbox for eliminating highly-proven and widely-loved BDFLs, so hostile forces can take over and profit from it.

  50. Today, Sunday 6th September 2020, at 10:00am CET a tweet by a prominent Bitcoin researcher and educator Giacomo Zucco emerged to highlight a 3 months old PR (pull request) into the bitcoin source code. The change involved the renaming of a constant variable name from FILE_CHAR_BLACKLIST to FILE_CHAR_BLOCKLIST, as “blacklist” was considered inappropriate, despite the fact that the word has been widely used for decades in computer security, without ever raising concerns nor being etimologically linked to racial minorities, according to wikipedia Blacklisting entry. Giacomo explained how this can be intended as political signalling, defined it creepy and warned for the danger of contributors getting banned for wrongdoing, which apparently didn’t happened in this circumstance. Giacomo’s tweet went quite viral since many of the Giacomo’s twitter followers took this as a “SJWs attack” and see this precedent as a dangerous attempt, given the sensible nature of the Bitcoin project in terms of security, neutrality and censorship resilience from political interference. Few hours later a new pull request has been opened to address the technical ambiguity of the term “Block List” (list of blocks, or list of blocked chars?) attracting many comments in favour of changing FILE_CHAR_BLOCKLIST to FILE_CHARS_DISALLOWED. But some developers still argued that the original change should not have been accepted on the first place and asked to restore it to FILE_CHAR_BLACKLIST in order to firmly push back also on the political interference. When things started to heat up the repository maintainers accepted the change proposed addressing the technical issue but not the claimed “political/SJWs attack”. Following the BLM protests, many open source codebases have been experiencing peaks of similar acts of word-policing, that in the recent years frequently ended up in contributors getting banned, doxed, framed or fired from their job as the “cancel culture” was applied, see references below.

Notes and References aboit SJW and Open Source:

  • In early 2015 a blog post by Eric Steven Raymond warned about SJW threats, exposing several attacks to Open Source Projects and raising awareness in the hacker community; also Eric Raymond suggested that Linus Torvalds himself might have been framed for false sexual allegations in order to have him comply to SJWs requests, and almost resulted in Linus Torvalds resigning and many developers threatening to revoke their contributions to the source code.
  • Some notable developers being purged on Python Open Source projects: Roberto Rosario Gonzalez author of “Awesome Django” who tried opposing the “Covenant Code of Conduct” with the “Code of Merit” resulting in being banned from GitHub and from the Python Software Foundation, and Kenneth Reitz author of “Requests: HTTP for Humans™” Python web framework resulting in being publicly accused of inappropriate handling of a fundraising for his own projects, ending up leaving all his open source projects and leaving from the Python Software Fundation.
  • Some other developers in the past have faced public shaming and cancel culture on twitter for sexual assault in metoo style. Notable name here is Peter Todd who replied with a defamation suit that ended with the alleged victim removing the offending tweets and declaring in a statement that she do not assert that Todd raped or sexually assaulted her personally. Similar allegations have been before moved in 2014 on the GamerGate and later in 2019 Alec Holowka was accused for sexual assault by a same GamerGate’s victim Zoë Quinn that was her girlfriend; he subsequently committed suicide.
  • On the awake of the killing of George Floyd and the BLM protests, GitHub announced that they were working in order to remove the coding word master and slave, as well as the default git default “master” branch.

All the brightest minds are retreating from the public life. Access to the inner circles is vetted and everyone uses pseudonyms and maintains opsec. If a member violates or disclose info shared in the circle get an insta ban with no recourse. Imagine being acquainted with the likes of Linus or Stallman, shared a convo with your girlfriend, and she posts in social media for clout. Your career is over. Not only you are out of the circle, you are now in the untrusted black list. No one will hire or share anything with you. “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” – Albert Einstein


Supply chain:
Aluminum cans
Furniture (especially desks)
Mason jars and lids
Canned goods
Fishing gear
Heat lamps
Drop freezers
Washing machines
Air conditioners
Gas ranges
Sewing machines
Dry ice
Canned beverages
Dr Pepper
Death certificates
Blood donations
Medical monkeys
Packaged meat
Dietary supplements

Medical specialists
Mental health professionals
Lab technicians
Police officers
Cybersecurity professionals
Security personnel
Automation experts
Substitute teachers
Farm workers
Fruit pickers
Poll workers
Meat inspectors
Bus drivers
Sports referees
Census takers

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:fire: BREAKING: Massive explosion at an electronics factory Dingxin in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province

:fire: Мощный взрыв прогремел на заводе электроники Dingxin в Куньшане, провинция Цзянсу

Power plant location. McDonough Power Plant is a Natural Gas Plant that provides energy at a high rate to Metro Atlanta


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