Crucial info. This guy is good, no bs


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Crucial info. This guy is good, no bs

Old, we’ve been doing it since the 80s

The Falkland Wars used American Lasers on British Jets

:+1: Thanks. I’m Learning. A lot of ground to cover, as you know.

If I posted a DIY Dazzler (Laser Gun) so you could kill HD2B’s would you build it?


The real reason we are having a Lithium Shortage

:arrow_up:. Pick out the one word the pilots are saying, regarding military technology that should not exist in 1982 :wink:

"Those of us who were alive then recall a persistent rumor, even an open secret in defense circles, of laser weapons being used by the Royal Navy during hostilities. The loss of several Argentine fighters was attributed to lasers designed to dazzle pilots, and one instance was put forward where the pilot saw a glaring light before going down. Recently-declassified documents confirm at least part of the story. A letter from then Defence Secretary Michael Heseltine, dated 17 January 1983, states that a medium-power laser weapon was deployed with the task force. The letter states, “You may recall, however, that we developed and deployed with great urgency a naval laser weapon, designed to dazzle low flying Argentine pilots attacking ships, to the Task Force in the South Atlantic. This weapon was not used in action and knowledge of it has been kept to a very restricted circle.”

That’s the thing about Falkland Wars it was an Alien War disguised as a Human War

Nothing to do with Land

But of what landed :flight_arrival: on the island that in order for us to maintain Western Supremacy we could not let the Argentinians get their hands on.


Bullshit history of the war

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Probably not due to requirements for tools, mechanics, etc but YES I want to.

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