[CPMC Sutter Health - San Francisco CA] Cannot accommodate appropriate social distancing, run out of negative pressure rooms and had covid+ pts in regular rooms

Where: CPMC, Sutter Health, San Francisco, CA, USA
Report: Masks and PPE got locked up quickly in early March by administration. Managers reprimanding and disciplining staff originally over wearing hospital scrubs as opposed to their own personal scrubs for taking covid+ patients (has since been changed after the union stepped in). Administration trying to claim surgical masks are fine and n95 only needed for intubation and aersolizing procedures. A true battle to get PAPR for at least the intubating physician but not enough for other staff who might be in room during intubation, proning, and other high risk activities. One N95 is given to staff and expected to be reused and kept in a brown paper bag. One surgical mask is given to staff per day (required masking for all staff and doctors now which is good at least though). They are collecting masks “to reuse after disinfecting” despite new recommendations to not do this. Some staff have been told at times to use one gown and reuse it for entire shift. Administration has been asked to provide numbers on how much PPE is left but has refused to give numbers. Staff and doctors both exposed to other colleagues who are covid+ not always consistently being notified in timely manner. Testing not offered to frontline worker positive exposures unless particularly symptomatic (through occ health). Expected to come into work after exposure unless febrile or “particularly symptomatic” (aka no quarantine period). Some staff report facility told them staff can only claim workers comp if they develop covid from exposure to a + patient (and proven) and does not include exposure to sick staff, doctors, etc while at work. “Dirty” staff and physicians with covid+ pts intermingling with clean areas and at times even transplant patients, while wearing the same scrubs as when they entered covid rooms. Most break areas and meal areas (that aren’t the public cafeteria) cannot accommodate appropriate social distancing and also have dirty staff wearing their dirty scrubs from covid pts sitting next to clean staff. No spotters for donning/doffing. Current recommend ppe is isolation gown, surgical mask (or n95 for aersolization), and goggles/faceshield. Negative pressure room only for aersolization procedures. Have run out of negative pressure rooms and had covid+ pts in regular rooms even for aersolization procedures. Supposedly administration has some number of air scrubbers that can be used if ordered when doing aersolization procedures in regular rooms (unclear, new practice only as of a few days ago despite having covid pts in regular rooms since weeks ago).