# CPC Communist Party Secretary of Wuhan

What better way than to divide people and put them in survival mode

Hate, fear, fighting


Don’t be too hard on yourself😅

You can always talk to us. Tell us your thoughts. Speak it out.

Guess who is lying to people that this virus is safe and don’t need to worry so people fly over here and there before they understand what is happening?


Oh nooo…

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They should have isolated the Chinese

This is their bioweapon

Look whats happening all of us from all over the world are affected

I think the problem is the incubation period is so long. By the time people were getting sick and dying, it was already spreading…

When I saw the first report in the USA of this, back in January, my first thought was they need to stop all travel to and from China immediately… I agree… containment should have started faster…

It could have been easier containing it that way

By travel bam


Isolation china


:red_circle:توصیه های یک پرستار برای جلوگیری از ابتلا به ویروس کرونا

:warning:سالن هاى آرايشگاه ها يكى از موارد مستعد براى انتقال ويروس كرونا هستند.

یک A nurse’s advice to prevent coronavirus

Hairdressing salons are one of the most susceptible to coronavirus transmission.

We all had this moment, the “it’s here” freak out moment. Mine was around Jan 20th when the numbers from wuhan suddenly tripled over a weekend. You will make it through.

:red_circle: سومین پرستار گیلانی شب گذشته در اثر ابتلا به ویروس کرونا در رشت درگذشت

:white_small_square:علی شیخ مرادی پرستار بیمارستان قائم (عج) رشت ، سومین پرستار گیلانی و پنجمین نفر از کادر درمانی است که در اثر ابتلا به ویروس کرونا درگذشت.

گ Gilani’s third nurse dies of corona virus last night in Rasht

:white_small_square:Ali Sheikh Moradi is a nurse at Ghaem Hospital in Rasht, Gilani’s third nurse and the fifth person who died of coronavirus.

That’s true, some of my friends which have connections in Chinese government also confirmed that

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I was just telling my hairdresser this last week he didn’t care. I’m not going Back. :woman_facepalming:t2: And massage places and nail places of course

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I think ill get to that freak out moment of half of the world has it

Good then you are doing better than I did. If you didn’t prepare now it is still possible to get something.

Were going to start a revolt here

To raise travel bans to affected countries

Prevention is better than cure

Yes it is not the fault of the people but the people are the carriers