# CPC Communist Party Secretary of Wuhan

#中共国 武汉市委书记
3月6日晚讲话,“要在全体广大市民中开展感恩教育…“ 多邪门呀

CPC Communist Party Secretary of Wuhan

On the evening of March 6, he said, “It is necessary to carry out gratitude education among all citizens …”
While holding the sickle and axe to harm the people, they must also force the people to be grateful for it.

⤺ reposted by @maliezhuyi from The Xinjia Hotel next to the Four Seasons Kangcheng, Nanhuan Road, Quanzhou, Fujian, suddenly collapsed

Even former secretary of Guangzhou said “you shouldn’t think like everything comes from CPC, you don’t have to thank us” in 2012

The global death toll from coronavirus could reach as high as 15million even in the best-case pandemic scenario, a new study says. The research by the Australian National University also found that global GDP could shrink by as much as $2.3trillion even in what they call a ‘low-end’ pandemic. In the most disastrous scenario, the death toll could reach a staggering 68million including hundreds of thousands of deaths in Britain and the United States. In that worst-case pandemic, some countries’ economies would shrink by as much as eight per cent in a global meltdown. The two researchers who published the paper, Warwick McKibbon and Roshen Fernando, warn that ‘even a contained outbreak could significantly impact the global economy in the short run’. In the so-called ‘low-severity’ case, the death rate in China is estimated at around two per cent and adjusted for other countries.

A hotel in Quanzhou, fujian province collapsed. This hotel is the designated quarantine point for people from those hard hit areas.

Im starting to hate the Chinese

This is their fault

It’s the powers the be you need to be angry with, not the people

It’s the commies fault. Not all Chinese are commies. Then again, we failed to curb them. So at the end of the day yeah it’s our fault.

Their here in the Philippines

The covid19

No need to do that now,

Hate the people?

He has lost someone he loved, as we do. We all know it is so hard to make ourselves brain-cooled in such a time, so let him express his anger for a short time, I believe he will understand, that we are in the same frontline.

Frontline that, against tyranny of CPC, which is the first government that lied to the citizens, that this virus “will not inflect from people to people”

All the governments seem to be enjoying the panic and people fighting

Government here in Australia has sold nearly everything to China and our government doing many bad things to us here too. But we have to see through it all and unite for freedom.

Anyway Italy has started with police brutality in the streets too now

Where? I’m not aware of any police brutality going on

The Australian government is still one of the better ones in their resistance against the commies. While if you look at some other countries :man_facepalming:

Yes I know, but…
They just hide it better