#觀點 ⚠️這不是開車⚠️ COVID-19武漢肺炎找到了,貪得塞可能看了不少片🤔。#Viewpoint ⚠️ This is not driving ⚠️ COVID-19 Wuhan pneumonia was found, and I was too greedy to watch a lot of this video

#觀點 :warning:這不是開車:warning: COVID-19武漢肺炎找到了,貪得塞可能看了不少片:thinking:。#Viewpoint :warning: This is not driving :warning: COVID-19 Wuhan pneumonia was found, and I was too greedy to watch a lot of this video

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Without regular practice reading and writing mandarin characters it’s easy to forget their meaning

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看来基层医疗资源已经见底!# The Huanggang government of the Communist Party of China isolates sick people in disease-free villages, triggering a strong resistance system!

It seems that primary medical resources have bottomed out!

Theses how the batches of video will be posted

We do not filter the truth

#中共國 土共吹牛逼的“中国速度”的武汉火神山医院开始漏水了。。。# 中共 国 The Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital, which boasts the “Chinese speed” of the Communist Party, has begun to leak water. . .

Take a look at this

It’s the hospital that was built in 10 days

Taking water :sweat_drops:

#中共国 城管不让菜农卖菜。:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: # 中共 国 City management does not allow vegetable farmers to sell vegetables. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Farmer flips out to lost of income it will cost him.

#國際 #班農:「中共現在實施了最激進的隔離手段,有效嗎?」

生物武器專家Hatfill 博士:
太遲了!」 :sob:

並且在明知有嚴重疫情的情況下還組織萬家宴… # 国际 #Bannon: “The Chinese Communist Party has implemented the most radical means of isolation. Is it effective?”

Biological Weapon Expert Dr. Hatfill:
“Timely” social isolation "was originally the most effective means of controlling the epidemic.
But now it’s too late …
Too late! :sob:

Concealed and wasted more than 100 days of precious time,
And in the case of knowing that there is a serious epidemic situation, also organized a Wanjia banquet …

@NL117 what are they saying

Girl tries to break Quarantine. Is told to stay inside.


Speaking some local dialect looks like


#天朝浮世绘 被“绳”之以法的都是不戴口罩的。武汉肺炎当前,全国限制流动、强制戴口罩。新疆街上有维吾尔人胸前挂着用维语写的牌子,逐个低头认罪要用维语大声读出牌子上的维语文字。 牌子的内容是︰「乡镇干部告诉我们不许外出,但我像一条狗一样,到处浪荡!」近日,江西丰城一名教师在小区内跑步未戴口罩,工作人员认为他无视防疫规定,他还与防疫工作人员发生争执。他同工作人员说:“钟南山院士曾说过家中和人流不密集的地方不需要戴口罩”。据江西丰城市委宣传部官方,该教师被送至强制隔离点隔离、并给予其行政记过处分。还有内地某地警方暴力执法,将不戴口罩的人绑成一串儿游街。大街上的喇叭还在喊:出门必须戴口罩!//@LifetimeUSCN:「病毒不可怕,只要大家听党话」,这句口号一般会理解成中共要求民众无条件地服从中共的领导。但是,美国人有另外一种理解:中共利用病毒增加它的权威性,恐吓人民。# 天朝 浮世绘


Those who are brought to justice by the “rope” are not wearing masks. Wuhan pneumonia is currently restricted across the country and forced to wear a mask. There are Uyghur signs on the streets of Xinjiang with Uyghur signs on their chests, and one by one bowed down to confess his guilt and read the Uyghur words on the sign aloud. The content of the brand is: “The township cadre told us that we are not allowed to go out, but I am like a dog and I wander everywhere!” Recently, a teacher in Fengcheng, Jiangxi ran in the community without wearing a mask. The staff believed that he ignored the epidemic prevention regulations and he also Arguments with epidemic prevention staff. He told the staff: “The academician Zhong Nanshan once said that there is no need to wear a mask at home and in places with low crowds.” According to the official of the Propaganda Department of the Jiangxi Fengcheng Municipal Committee, the teacher was sent to a compulsory quarantine point for quarantine and was given administrative sanctions. There is also a violent law enforcement by the police in a certain place in the Mainland, which tied people who did not wear masks to travel in a street. Horns on the street are still shouting: you must wear a mask when you go out! @LifetimeUSCN: “The virus is not terrible, as long as everyone listens to the party.” This slogan will generally be understood as the CCP requires the people to obey the CCP’s leadership unconditionally. However, Americans have another understanding: the CCP uses the virus to increase its authority and intimidate people.

Latest rumors

北韩枪毙所有隐瞒近期中国旅行归来的人 可见三胖知道这病毒无可救药 不可收拾!#米莎挖掘機 In North Korea they executed anyone who lied about their current trip to China. Kim Jung-Un knows how serious the coronavirus is.

. Japanese man tested positive for Coronavirus after returning from trip to Hawaii
HONOLULU (KHON) — A man in his 60s tested positive for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) shortly after returning from a trip to Hawaii. He has not visited China recently.
The man is from the Aichi Prefecture in central Japan, and visited Maui and Oahu from January 28th to February 7th.
Health officials say the man visited Maui from January 28 through February 3. He showed no symptoms at the time.

First death in France…

#大衛作戰室 時機的延誤,真相的隱瞞,官僚機關的拖延,造成病毒的肆虐。危機關頭,存亡之際,一個行政命令,“封城”,武漢變孤島。武漢爆發的肺炎,新型的冠狀病毒,更是無數中國人縱容已久的“官狀病毒”!這才是最最可怕的中華病毒!茫茫神州#David War Room Delays in timing, concealment of the truth, delays by bureaucracy, caused the raging virus. At the juncture of crisis, at the moment of death, an executive order, “closing the city,” Wuhan became an isolated island. The outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, a new type of coronavirus, is an “official virus” that countless Chinese have long condoned! This is the most terrifying Chinese virus! Boundless


#中共国 一个东北小伙子因为没有戴口罩遭遇红袖标社区管理人员粗暴围攻,召唤警察作为帮手将小伙子制服带走拘押 # 中共 国 A man from the Northeast suffered a rough siege by a red armband community manager because he did not wear a mask, calling the police as a helper to take the boy’s uniform away from custody

At jfk no one wearing masks not even security, or if check, no temperature checks.

It’s jetblue terminal 5, mainly domestic flights though.

Holy shit

This is a pile of cellphones of people who have been cremated!!!

No announcements or warnings on the display screens.

American CDC is gonna get a lot of people killed

By not getting the public ready

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St Petersburg?

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