COVID-19) Since December 2019, it has caused more than 70,000 people in China

COVID-19) Since December 2019, it has caused more than 70,000 people in China
Confirmed infection, more than 2,000 dead [1]
, For the health of the people’s lives, the national economy
Caused serious threats and impacts. Due to the lack of systematic autopsy
Complete pathological information provided by anatomy [2]
On the pathogenesis, organs of the disease
Damage and other effects cannot be accurately judged, which is not conducive to clinical development.
Treatment and related research, and it is not possible to carry out related corpses on frontline forensics
The dissection work provides valuable guidance.Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Since the development of the COVID-19 epidemic,
There have been strong calls for a systematic autopsy. After many efforts, Liu Liang
Professor and his team, subject to national policy, in 2020
From February 16th, the first COVID-19 dead body was carried out in the country
System anatomy. Visual observation of a systematic autopsy of one case
The report is as follows for reference of relevant front-line staff.
1 Objects and methods
1.1 Summary of medical history
Deceased, male, 85 years old, with “multiple cerebral infarction” on January 1, 2020
“He was admitted to the hospital.” No fever, cough, or any other symptoms were noted during admission.New coronal on day 13 after admission
Virus nucleic acid test is positive, confirmed as a new coronavirus infection
By. Review of CT on the 20th day after admission showed scattered patchy infection in both lungs
Lesions, more progress than before, consider “viral pneumonia”, the original tracheal endocrine
Things have disappeared. Died 28 days after admission, the clinical cause of death was diagnosed as
“New Coronavirus Pneumonia, Respiratory Failure.” Peripheral blood
The white blood cell count is in the normal range, and the red blood cell count ranges from 4.23 × 1012 / L.
Travelability drops to 3. 72 × 1012 / L (reference value 4.3 × 1012 ~ 5.8 8 × 1012 / L),
Hemoglobin decreased progressively from 126 g / L to 108 g / L (reference value 130 ~
175 g / L), lymphocyte count from 0.95 × 109
/ L Progressively drops to
0. 56 × 109
/ L (reference value 1. 1 × 109
~ 3. 2 × 109
/ L). 3 days before death,
Oxygen saturation drops to 70% ~ 80%, mask inhales oxygen and increases oxygen flow
(40 L / min, oxygen concentration 60%), blood oxygen saturation rose to 98%
right. There were no obvious abnormalities in liver and kidney function indexes.
1.2 Systematic Anatomy
The time of autopsy shall not exceed 12 h. Necropsy
The location is an operating room of a hospital in Wuhan, where anatomical personnel perform biological safety
Three levels of protection. Before the autopsy begins, the forensic team dissects the remains
Sadness.1. 3 autopsy

    1. 1 autopsy
      The signs of suffocation were not obvious, and the eyelids and bulbar conjunctiva were pale on both sides.
      Lips are slightly cyanotic, fingernail beds are slightly cyanotic, and toenails are pale.
      The skin on the surface is scattered in small flakes of purple, and small flakes of purple are seen around the pinholes.
    1. 2 anatomical examination
      Approximately 150 mL of bilateral pleural effusion was a pale yellow clear liquid.
      · Research Briefs ·
      Fund Project: Project supported by the Hubei Province New Pneumonia Emergency Science and Technology Project (2020FCA003)
      About the author: Liu Qian (1980—), female, doctor, associate professor, mainly engaged in forensic pathology, forensic toxicology teaching, prosecution and research; E-mail: caixe_liu0222 @

About the author: Wang Rongshuai (1986—), male, doctor, is mainly engaged in forensic pathology and forensic clinical examination and research; E-mail: wangrs87 @ 126. Com
About the author: Qu Guoqiang (1988—), male, master, mainly engaged in forensic pathology, forensic toxicology inspection and research; E-mail: 317697213 @ qq. Com
Corresponding author: Liu Liang, male, doctor, professor, mainly engaged in forensic pathology, forensic toxicology research; E-mail: liuliang @ m

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