Covid-19 infection kills futsal player Elham Sheikhi in Qom

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Is the Iranian strain becoming more lethal? Any virologist in here?

Really still safe to order online?

Fear will kill you faster than anything else

Let’s do a batch

Really really bad!

Removal to be placed in a Quarantine camp

We all just need to survive

❴ 重慶某家醫院正式開業的 門口景象 ❵

❴ The entrance of a hospital in Chongqing officially opened ❵


Fear is the killer

We all have to be strong and prepared to fight

I have a feeling the grocery stores are gonna be poppin this weekend

❴ 學校消毒,難道準備開學了嗎? ❵

❴ School disinfection, is it ready to start? ❵

I’m trying to get all the most popular stuff before this weekend

❴ 鏟車處理 垃圾車拖,百姓吃不上的捐贈蔬菜 被當作垃圾……❵

铲 Forklift dispose of garbage trucks, donated vegetables that people cannot eat are treated as garbage … ❵

❴ 為了讓菜價再飛一會兒,新鮮的蔬菜整車整車地扔掉也是沒辦法,不然菜價漲不上來啊。 這是什麼世道啊? ❵

❴ In order to let the price of the vegetables fly for a while, it is impossible to throw away the whole vehicle of the fresh vegetables, otherwise the price of the vegetables will not rise. What kind of world is this? ❵

❴ 在武漢一家工廠恢復工作 員工大排長龍 ❵

恢复 Resuming work at a factory in Wuhan

❴ 小區業主已把菜買下來了,眼睜睜地看着紅袖標把菜非法搶走。

业主 The owner of the community has already bought the vegetables and watched the red armband illegally snatch the vegetables.