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Thank you Aries!

Was Jacques Vallee a Wizard/allowed to know things from the black world?

highly recommend reading his “Forbidden Science” journals

I’ve read all his stuff♡ Will reread though-!!

I’ve been working my way through forbidden science 4, it’s really fun to see some of the same characters from delonge’s group in the text

and seems like the same dang tricks

Yes, but I would need to see if he also had “Messiah” status

Meanwhile, in Divide and Conquer land, Patriot Prayer leader maces Antifa

Ice Age Farmer | Irish Farmer Ordered to Kill All Cows – and Not Purchase More

Kevin Comiskey farms cows, ewes and hoggets in Fivemilebourne, Co. Leitrim, and was recently ordered to destroy his cows to prevent spread of TB. He shares the letter, and tells of the relationship he has with his animals. I wanted to share this to humanize these tales of farmers destroying their crops and animals – the Ice Age Farmer channel offers lots of data, but this is truly devastating to the farmers on the ground. Bureaucrats are shutting down the food supply – start growing food today.

Good, that’s what happens when you antagonize then put your hands on someone. Mind your own business idiots.

The last days of Steak


Westworld Season 3

Sterilization and No Red Meat :cut_of_meat:

Meanwhile, in Nevada.