Coronavirus wipes out $1.7 trillion in US stock market value in two days

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Whoever had puts/shorts is probably very happy :money_mouth_face:


Heavy! Canadian official abrupt change: it is difficult to stop the outbreak, please be prepared! The medical officer of the capital advised that the medicines be stored. Earlier, Canada insisted that the possibility of an outbreak of new crown virus in Canada was very low. On the 24th, Tan Yongshi, the chief medical officer of the Canadian Ministry of Health, acknowledged that if the virus continues to spread worldwide, Canada will no longer be able to control the virus, and warned government companies and individuals that they should be prepared for the virus outbreak. :scream::scream::scream:

Lol :joy: 35 days late

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1000%%% I’m in canada

I just bought vitamin C and selenium it’ll boost your immune system

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Damn she just fell over on stage :confused:


Aries SF just declared state of emergency

Right in the middle of #RSAC

Going to a conference in times like these is playing Russian roulette

武漢肺炎繼續肆虐全球,世界衞生組織中國考察團團長艾爾沃德(Bruce Alyward)早前率領國際專家組,到中國考察疫情,行程周一結束。艾爾沃德周二在瑞士日內瓦向記者表示,讚中國應對疫情反應迅速,為患者提供有質素的治療,卻可能令其他國家「大安旨意」。他說:「中國懂得如何保住患者性命,但不等於其他國家他懂。」世衞總幹事譚德塞日前同樣讚揚中國,在疫症源頭地區實施前所未有的「封城」措施,有助阻止疫情大規模蔓延。

Wuhan pneumonia continues to ravage the world. Bruce Alyward, head of the World Health Organization’s China mission, led an international expert team to visit China to inspect the epidemic. The trip ended on Monday. Elward told reporters in Geneva, Switzerland, on Tuesday that he praised China’s rapid response to the epidemic and provided patients with quality treatment, but it might make other countries “good will.” He said: “China knows how to save patients’ lives, but it does not mean that he understands other countries.” WHO Director-General Tan Desai also praised China a few days ago. The unprecedented “cities closure” measures in the source areas of the epidemic will help stop the epidemic Mass spread.

It’s always the WHO praising China

No one calling them out on this fuck up

So the people who got recovered…was not because their immune system fought the virus? Or just people cannot recover what do you mean ? lol

2nd wave is deadlier than the first

Jesus I think i am gonna get my rv and get out of the city

Did you see the documentaries we’ve made

You realize all the numbers posted by the mass media are bullshit right?

Ok, but yes getting in the RV and self Quarantine is not a bad idea