Coronavirus: Volunteers to be infected in race to find vaccine

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Why not try it on already infected patients. What kind of logic is this


Is it true that in usa they are testing all?

absolutely not

The highest estimated I have seen on testing is 5,000 have been tested but most likely much less than that. I’ve seen reports daily from doctors and nurses saying they have patients all day that need tested and cannot get them tested.

Heard close aides to the whitehouse infected

Potus in WPB.

As of this point we have tested the least of anyone in the world. But that’s about to change and our numbers of are about to go up exponentially creating a severe panic. We’re going to go for 3600 cases to 100,000 in a week.

that is my expectation/

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Its the end of the world

Is this milano?

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This is a little extreme. We went from 230 on 5/6 to 566 on 5/9. Cases will start doubling every few days, but 100k in the next 7 days is absurd.

We won’t hit 6 figure digits for another 4 weeks at minimum I’m guessing. This is for the USA.

erm…we have no idea how many cases there are already unconfirmed. 100k in 7 days is only possible if we test 300k or more. (judging based on a positive rate of roughly one third of those tested)

Yep, so if we have no idea we can’t make the claims. I’m banking on this thing infected half the populous within the year, but I’m not telling people where numbers will be in days or weeks.