Coronavirus, the W.H.O. and China Bioweapons Coverup

First published and banned by Medium on March 5, 2020

Coronavirus, the W.H.O. and China Bioweapons Coverup

How, when, and why the Chinese government worked hand in glove with the World Health Organization to coverup the worst man-made disaster of the century.

Dr. Francis Boyle holds a Juris Doctor degree magna cum laude from Harvard Law, a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy degrees in political science Harvard University. He wrote the U.S. Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989. He has been blacklisted by the US government from media appearances after he exposed that Fort Detrick, the US military’s 1200 acre top bioweapons lab in Maryland, was the source of the 2001 Anthrax Attacks on 2 US Senators, one week after 9/11. The suspected researcher who supposedly created the deadly strain was alleged to have committed suicide in 2008. Since then Boyle’s led a quiet life at an University of Illinois college, teaching law. Boyle is your typical and highly intelligent, highly ethical, highly qualified and extremely credible whistleblower who has been silenced for decades. That is until he appeared on YouTube on Jan 30th.

Boyle states that the U.N,’s W.H.O. and C.D.C.’s of the world are political organizations not medical ones. They work on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, not public health. I can personally confirm as such because my father has worked as a patent lawyer in pharmaceuticals for several decades after graduating from M.I.T. for a PhD in chemistry. Another in my circle has a PhD from John Hopkins University in medicine and has worked in venture capital for biotech, doing multi-million dollar deals on the regular. Although my contacts have differing opinions about the efficacy and validity of “medical” NGO’s, government agencies, who and who isn’t qualified to even discuss, and the industry as a whole, I am very familiar with the machinery at hand. As a friend says, “Wealth before health. :(”.

Dr. Francis Boyle

You should know all major advanced nation states with strong militaries have bioweapons arsenals. According to Dr. Boyle, there are about 13,000 scientists who work daily on weaponized versions of Ebola, SARS, Anthrax, Ricin, Botulism, the list is 20 deep. It’s been that way since ancient times. In the modern age, anything goes, like the U.S. Navy poisoning all of San Francisco Bay by airplane in 1950 just to see what happens. (Search Term: Operation Sea-Spray.) Or the 239 admitted times the Army has sprayed the public with other biological agents. That only accounts up until 1969, a number deemed acceptable more than 50 years ago, so one can only imagine the thousands of secret experiments on the citizens, prisoners, foreign nationals, and what goes on daily in 2020 that we are not even told about. But unlike nukes, agreements for bioweapons are not updated in non-proliferation treaties and it’s very hard if impossible to detect bioweapons development, plus you can always claim it’s vaccine research. Which is rubbish to say in the West because the private biotechs make the profits, not government weapons labs. Governments want weapons from companies who want money, therefore the military industrial complex as Eisenhower elegantly termed it, but with China it’s one and the same. China has been a little late to this game, so let me share with you their current strategy, which is 40 years out at all times and constantly updated.

Some background first though. The United Nations’ W.H.O. branch has a major vested interest in protecting China’s handling of the Coronavirus outbreak because they are the governing body that certified Wuhan’s top level clearance BSL-4 or P4 laboratory. (Biosafety Level 4 or Pathogen Level 4.) It was China’s first sanctioned P4 in 2015 after the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China Academy of Science, worked decades to catch up with superpower nations, and now it’s a Thanos gemstone in China’s burgeoning military gauntlet. According to Boyle, all such BSL certified labs by the W.H.O. are weapons facilities with no humane benefit. Let that sink in. The W.H.O., an outfit of the U.N., certifies top level weapons plants as a matter of course. So the UN isn’t just for failed peacekeepings and bullying the southern hemisphere after all. That’s a punchline, laughing yet?

Tedros Adhanom

44 Xiaohongshan or Wuhan P4, begins work on SARS, Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever, Ebola, and other deadly animal pathogens, after 2015. Rewind ten years. In 2004, Beijing’s Chinese Institute of Virology, W. Beichen Road in the Olympic Village Science Park, a BSL-3, had “accidents”, releasing SARS into the general public twice, this is acknowledged by C.A.S. and Beijing. Subtext: the incidents were actually accidents, which means Chinese microbiologists are inept, or the C.C.P. is copying the west, trials on human sub-populations. It’s pointless to debate which.

Now, supporting the position of ineptitude, for a couple of decades, China has been sending researchers abroad as part of the communist party’s “Thousand Talents” program. China’s best and brightest academic stars are installed at research labs, private companies, and academic institutions around the world. Unfortunately, many of them are spies. In 2019 Xiangguo Qiu, who created an Ebola treatment, and her husband, another researcher in HIV-AIDS, SARS, E. coli, so forth, get booted out of Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory, BSL-4, Canada’s sole top level lab in Manitoba province. Accused of stealing SARS research from Arlington Street, Qiu and 3 others are physically bum-rushed out the building. It doesn’t make sense since SARS started in China supposedly, until you realize Chinese research isn’t as good as the West, so they had infiltrate to copy our methods. Meanwhile, another Thousand Talent recruit in Boston, MA, Zheng Zaosong, worked at Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess on Brookline Av, got caught red-handed at Boston Logan Airport with 21 stolen vials wrapped in a sock, hopefully a clean one. (China’s M.S.S. doesn’t supply any training or logistical support before sending agents into theater, apparently.) Similar Chinese espionage has also happened in Ohio, Texas, all around the world. That is just 2019. Most recently, an American, Charles Lieber, the chair of Harvard’s Chemistry Dept. and expert in nanotech, was arrested for leaking research to Wuhan University of Technology. You get the idea what the strategy is. Lie, cheat, steal, turn, kill if you have to, on your way to the top of the bioweapons arms race.

Xiangguo Qiu

Enough intel, here’s the real story. The Wuhan Institute of Virology, C.A.S., is 14 clicks, a half hour drive in Wuhan traffic, from the so-called “wet market” at 207 Fazhan. But it so happens too that 44 Xiaohongshan is in fact the same lab that genetically sequenced SARS-2 before any other, and they quickly applied for a Chinese patent of an anti-viral named Remdesivir created by Gilead Sciences in February 2020. Yes, they stole a foreign company’s intellectual property and patented it in China. Chad dick move, and say it with me again, wealth before health!

Now, Wuhan Center for Disease Prevention and Control, part of the People’s Liberation Army’s military bioweapons ops for decades is at 6 N. Zhuodaoquan. It is mere minutes, only 4 clicks from the publicized Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, 207 Fazhan, plus it happens to be on the way from Wuhan Institute of Virology, just past the Changjiang Tunnel.

Many things about the official story just don’t add up. Patient Zero never went to 207 Fazhan, the market. Neither did a dozen of the first 40 patients. So it’s really most likely that there was a breach either at province HQ at 24 N. Jianghan, or 44 Xiaohongshan, or 6 N. Zhuodaoquan. In fact, the original source could have been the caves in Yunnan, as Dr. Shi Zhengli, a.k.a. batwoman, collected samples herself in 2017 with the funding of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s $3.5 million dollars from NIAID. It could have been any number of sources. Was it set loose at 207 Fazhan? Who the hell knows except a few and it doesn’t really matter anymore.*

Wuhan Institute of Virology web pageHubei CDC web page

Just so you know, W.H.O. just completed an investigative report after a visit to China, somewhere, maybe by Skype, they didn’t say, on Feb 25th. That’s another joke. I’m sure they made to the airport. (They never visited Wuhan.) They claim that the virus is 96% identical to SARS in bats. But look up the number of genetic bases SARS-1 has, it’s 29,751. SARS-2 has 29,903. That means they could overlap by 99.5%. Well, maybe that’s nothing. But having more bases could indicate to what we say in the biz as “gain function”, that is to say extra bases appended by CRISPR towards specific military goals. Stunningly, W.H.O. claims that the virus jumped from bats to pangolins, THEN to humans, without any evidence, since the market was destroyed without a trace of virii or animals to be ever found again. Instead they give you the “power of genetics” televangelist routine so yea, better to believe the new religion in science, right?

“The new virus is genetically 96% identical to a known coronavirus in bats and 86–92% identical to a coronavirus in pangolin. Therefore, the transmission of a mutated virus from animals to humans is the most likely cause of the appearance of the new virus.” — The W.H.O.

Hallelujah, amen. As I make the sign of the cross, I must tell you, — I am very impressed. Seriously, the human strain is closer in match to the older bat strain but less so to the intermediate strain? How could it mutate to be less of a genetic match in pangolins — then de-evolve backwards in time when it jumps to humans so as to recombinate its gene structure back to the original bat virus? It’s almost like it was…engineered by time travel? Frankly, this is the magic bullet theory of virology, sirs and madams. By the way any monkey can type in gene bases into BLAST or whatever and get matches. It’s like dumping quarters into a slot machine and pulling the lever, but with white coats and laptops. You get a medical preprint, you get a preprint, everyone gets a preprint!, as Oprahs memes go.

More questions around this simpleton version of reality arise. Such as, WHICH bat coronavirus, and how old is this sample? Aren’t most bat coronavirus samples from Yunnan province, 2000 clicks away, 25 hours by car, taken over 15 years ago when SARS-1 happened? If viruses mutate so quickly, how is it such a high match after many years, never mind the fact that W.H.O. claims it jumped two species. It’s almost like you got a bat coronavirus frozen in time…or frozen in liquid nitro, off the shelf as it were, at a lab…in Wuhan. Or did you happen to go bat hunting last week around the market? The same market that was evacuated, sanitized and then demolished this week, because, hey, why bother with actual physical evidence? This is garbo as the kids say.

Subreddit on W.H.O Investigation

So I hope this makes things clearer. Everything from the W.H.O. glad handlers, the silence from China for two months, the unusual pathology and symptomatology, cracked up epidemiology leaving actual virologists scratching their heads, specious phylogenetic claims, endless copious Chinese espionage, previously documented Umbrella Corp-like accidents, an immediate rush to blame on circa-2003 bats that lived 2000 kilometers away, throwing your own people under the bus, the two step genetic magic bullet u-turn from pangolins, the gross lies about number of infected and dead all scream, “MASSIVE SILLY COVERUP”.

The simplest and most likely cause, the Occam’s Razor cutting your face off, is that China stole a pre-weaponized version of SARS from 1015 Arlington, started weaponizing it again at 44 Xiaohongshan, and simply had yet another breach. They had guesses what it could do but not like this. You can elaborate on your own personal theory from there, but I simply present public knowledge.

This is all somewhat substantiated by the fact China’s communist party is spreading propaganda to their public that it was actually the U.S.A. who weaponized SARS and released it in Wuhan. Many Chinese believe it because they are completely brainwashed after 70 years of Party rule. It is often a tell card to preemptively accuse others of what you are doing. The thing is, we ARE doing it too. As the U.S.A., we gave you Lyme Disease and West Nile Disease. Sorry, we had a couple accidents in past decades on Plum Island, off the shores of Old Lyme, Connecticut. By the way, we’re moving offices to Manhattan, Kansas, check out our new shiny BSL-4 opening in 2023. All militarized countries have similar things, similar accidents. Kidding aside, perhaps it is time to ban biological warfare research. For good, forever. Not because I am making a moral argument. Because in 15 years, 5th graders will have not just 3D printers, but CRISPR mobile labs in classrooms and making battle viruses instead of battle robots. It’s not like playing with matches.

So that’s the deal, civvie, buckle up. I expect Wuhan to lose 10% of its population this year, or 1.1 million people in one city alone. No way, you say? Watch it happen.

*It’s worth noting that a recently promoted mere lab researcher to Director General of the entire Wuhan Institute of Virology is a young woman in her 30’s named Wang Yanyi, who is much younger and less experienced than her deputies. A high ranking member of the Party, she is rumored to be the illegitimate child of Wang Qishan, Vice President of China’s Communist Party, Xi Jinping’s right hand man, a guy with a combover that beats any white guy’s, and one of China’s most corrupt men overall, who has many mistresses, smuggles billions out the country through Hollywood actresses such as Fan Bingbing, who starred in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. Fan was fined by Chinese authorities in 2018 to the tune of $127 million USD for “tax evasion” and secretly imprisoned for 3 months, all as payback for charging too much to launder money, 35%. It is kind of a stiff charge, Bingbing! She is also a rumored mistress of Wang Qishan, as reported by exiled Chinese billionaire, Miles Kwok, who runs GNews and Guo Media in the U.S. these days. There’s a lot more that Wang Qishan is involved in, your routine Chinese Communist Party activities such as operating mass organ harvesting from political prisoners, religious and ethnic minorities, plus sex trafficking, shaking down China’s biggest companies, murdering corporate leaders like HNA’s Wang Jian, etc. China’s CCP is quite the wild gang and makes Kim Jung-un look like amateur night at the Apollo. I could sit here and tell you a lot of stories that would be far better than a lot of Alibaba Pictures or Tencent Pictures movies. But by far, this is their gravest error. Forget if it was an accident or intentional, focus on the truth for a hot minute.

The truth is, instead of telling the truth, the Chinese Communist Party risibly and treacherously blames wild animals and unknowing citizens shopping in a food market, the very people they are supposed to protect and uphold toward a common better utopian tomorrow. Yet the reality for the rest of 2020 is citizens falling dead in the street in most countries from complete pulmonary flooding. In China, committing suicide out of apartment windows by the dozens every day. My heart goes out to those in Wuhan and elsewhere. I know far too much so I can be very rational, yet I can’t stop feeling the suffering worldwide. This is a pandemic that should have never happened but now cannot be stopped. It will run its course and we are all helpless except to watch it unfold. Those who survive must realize, sometimes the Garden of Eden is not all that bad for a while.

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