Coronavirus Snarls Trans-Pacific Shipping and Ripples Through U.S. Business

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Good time to buy a shipping container I bet

Any doctors know if cytokine reaction from virus infection cause keratin build up? Or over production of keratin… Something of the sort.

This article has the steps “how to” for both Android and iOS

Ask Dr. Dr.Bess

Thank you :pray:t3:


:palestinian_territories: BREAKING: Bethlehem will be put on lockdown from midnight due to coronavirus - Jerusalem Post.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has declared a state of emergency due to coronavirus; all schools and universities will be closed - Jerusalem Post

good paper my husband shared with me. It’s based on influenza, reasoning being we need to plan for another Spanish Flu like event, but should all be completely relevant to another virus, especially since this one has a R and CFR even higher than the highest levels in that paper.

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We though of that when building here

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