Coronavirus: SA's first positive case of Covid-19 confirmed

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So much fear

This is exactly what I did. Seemed like the best way to be responsible and look out for the family as a whole. If this hits as big as we think, how could I feel good when they tell me they should have prepared… knowing I was at the store and didnt buy the extra gear, food.

We just cant expect everyone to understand.

Our generation in Canada or the USA hasnt seen disaster, unless you were in the military. We cant blame people for living in the bubble, it’s very easy to get into that mind set and stuck there.

Its heartbreaking when I am telling family and close friends what we are seeing and they are saying that could never happen…

Yes, it is.

Field hospitals?

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I bet that people thought the same before the great recession. I bet they felt the same before both World Wars, or when they first heard of concentration camps. Most humans, unfortunately, don’t learn from history.


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