Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak

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Good ol NY Times, failed us back then. Failing us now.

I think it’s worth seeing what they are reporting even though the info out of China is clearly under reported.

We’re reading a lot about this… could be something right…
“Ethno-specific bio-weapons

In a scientific report, which has not yet been examined, Chinese doctors say that the corona virus was designed to attach to lung receptors which are five times more common in Asian men than in African or Indo-European men. Asian women have less than half of these receptors than Asian men.

The white race is essentially immune, because we have the acetylcholinase inhibitor against the virus. However, the virus can mutate.

It is therefore not completed; but available information indicates that the coronavirus epidemic will essentially affect only Asians.”

Ok this is nonsense and xenophobic


Mmmh… probably my English is not so good or you don’t understand what I want tell… I’m sorry… xenophobic for nothing

He has his hands all over this . This virus as created by one of his labs and release for population control . Since Trump came into power , their master plan of globalization has gone to shit . And now you have crazy Bernie running for president that wants to punish all the oligarch , take their money and even burn them of a cross in Central Park lol

The ACE2 pathway is confirmed. The study on the ACE2 receptor density in Asian men and women is quite limited. The preliminary death rate among Asian men 4.45% and women around 1.25% appears to support this hypothesis. However whites are not immune. Just far less likely to die from this.

The actual facts

You realize some of us know Bill Gates

Ok seriously gonna have to start screening people

If this is the nonsense that being posted

Just an opinion

But this is what’s been spreading

#freedomofspeach :rofl: I’m agree with you

It Is just a different opinion, different point of view

Because is really wired the way like the virus is working… people try to understand

So let me get this straight one of the richest men in the world that helped eradicate Polio is involved in bioterrorism and depopulation

For fuck sakes


Look I have way to much data

To be posting for fuckkng nonsense

And translations to do

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Cut the crap

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I’m not talking about him!

Simona look at the British citizen that was vacationing in France or all the secondary infections going on in the U.K. right now to see that it can spread among whites.

Steve Walsh/Marsh. The news media were calling him by both sir names.

Exactly, misinformation that it does not kill whites or Europeans is exactly what gets people killed

Thierry and seriously brother go on Netflix and watch Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates