Coronavirus is airborne, Chinese official confirms

⤺ reposted by @0x1aKAPU from SARS was early 2003.

This was written Feb 10th

India’s stock market plunged by the greatest value ever

:clown_face: show. Never take financial advice from people on tv.


Is this a serious media outlet?

#觀點 大批人找不到工作,在米國叫失業率高,在中國則叫勞動力過剩。

#Viewpoint A large number of people can’t find a job. In the United States, the unemployment rate is high. In China, it is called a labor surplus.
The biggest difference between the two types of names is that the people responsible are different: a high unemployment rate means that the government is incompetent, while a surplus of labor forces blame the people for their incapability …

Qualquer semelhança não é mera coincidência. Any similarity is not coincidental.

:red_circle: بجای قرنطینه کردن قم اومدن فضای مجازی رو اینطوری توی شبکه خبر مسخره کردن!

کردن Instead of quarantining Qom, the internet is being ridiculed like this!

Agreed all the Nolan movies are soft Disclosure


:red_circle: آباده فارس درخانه_بمانیم

:red_circle: Abadeh Fars at home_ stay

Russia has been really quiet about all this :face_with_monocle:

Not really You just have to know where to look


It was rumored that a city in Heilongjiang was driving people crazy after the city was closed, and his son killed his parents in a house full of blood.

Any other supporting evidence to this?

Are you able to explain how they are inverse? if a price is getting cheaper I thought that meant there is less demand. If less demand doesnt that mean supply will lower price and thus longs cant make money?

#疫情 下的出租車:taxi:只能賣水果了,接下來更多出租車會帶動連鎖效應:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:

#Taxis under the epidemic can only sell fruit, and more taxis will drive a chain effect next. :bangbang: :bangbang:

Sure. Bonds have a set interest rate at which they pay a coupon or appreciate if they have no coupon. Let’s say market interest rate is 2%, people pay $100 for a bond that Pays 2%. If market rates decline to 1%, that bond still pays 2%. People will therefore pay more money for that same 2% bond because it’s better than market, it trades at a premium. It therefore increases the price of the bond. The price will appreciate to make the yield equivalent to the 1% market rate.