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‏اینم وضعیت مردم ⁧ #گیلان
‏این ویدیو رو شِیر کنین تا همه ببینن که داره چه بلایی سرمون میاد بعد نیان بگن اوضاع تا شنبه درست میشه :slight_smile:
‏⁦ #CoronaVirus ⁩ ⁦ #IranFightsCorona
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This is the situation of the people of # Gilan
Milk this video so that everyone can see what is happening to us then say things will be fine by Saturday :slight_smile:
#CoronaVirus #IranFightsCorona
#Iran #COVID ー 19 # COVID2019

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that’s quite a lot of excavated soil… how many and how deep are the graves i wonder

It’s your opinion

All the mass above ground is equal to the mass below ground

Also the Iranians are already fucking up

The bodies should be cremated

Not buried

At least the Chinese laid tarp down to prevent ground water contamination

If the videos of the massive pits are true

islamic rule : cremation is forbidden


Confirmed corona case in Uppsala, Sweden :sweden:

A woman staying in Germany was cared for at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala.

  • The patient is now receiving care in accordance with the procedures that apply. We cannot provide any further information about the state of health at this time, says infection control physician Johan Nöjd at Uppsala Region.

Together with the Public Health Authority, the infection protection unit in the Uppsala region will now map which people have been in contact with the woman.

During the evening a press conference will be held.


I heard the Saudis cancelled the hajj to foreigners

Not hajj


It’s the smaller gatherings yearly fir pilgrimage to Mecca

I’m not muslim. Read this from ABC news:
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia on Thursday closed off the holiest sites in Islam to foreign pilgrims over the coronavirus, disrupting travel for thousands of Muslims already headed to the kingdom and potentially affecting plans later this year for millions more ahead of the fasting month of Ramadan and the annual hajj pilgrimage.

And Bahrain

Hajj is about 5-6 months away

Yes can’t cremate in Islam. Have to bury

This might bite them in the ass

Come back to haunt them

22 July 2020

Tell the group more about Hajj


It’s the largest gathering of Muslims from all over the world to perform pilgrimage. The saudis actually have it well organized and are set up to deal with millions of people entering and exiting the country

If they suspect coronavirus they won’t allocate visas for anyone and won’t allow them in. Everyone has to get a medical fitness before being able to enter. Two ports of enter by air; Jeddah and Medina

We need to have someone monitoring Iranian and Saudi social media for coronavirus updates and footage

Lots of check points where documents are checked and rechecked

Can you 2

Be in charge of that region