Coronavirus- Interview with Dr. Francis A. Boyle

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If you watch anything today, you have to watch this. It’s how SARS-2, SARS-1, Ebola, West Nile, Anthrax and other biological warfare agents came to be after 9/11.

:red_circle:فاجعه در تهرانپارس و برخی مناطق دیگر تهران

:small_blue_diamond:به‌رغم هشدارهای متخصصان مبنی بر لزوم ماندن در خانه و خودداری از حضور در جاهای پرجمعیت برای جلوگیری از ابتلا به کرونا، هنوز برخی مناطق مانند تهرانپارس، شاهد تردد جمعیت، ترافیک و بازارهای شلوغ هستند!
:small_blue_diamond:بی‌دلیل نیست که پزشکان از آینده بیماری کرونا در ایران بسیار نگرانند.
:small_blue_diamond:با این بی‌توجهی غم‌انگیز، به نظر می‌رسد شاهد تلفات گسترده انسانی بر اثر این ویروس مرگبار باشیم.

عهRepression in Tehranpars and some other areas of Tehran

مناطق In spite of the warnings of experts on the need to stay home and avoid crowded areas to prevent coronation, some areas such as Tehranpars are still witnessing crowded traffic, traffic and crowded markets!
There is no reason why doctors are so worried about the future of coronary heart disease in Iran.
With this tragic neglect, it seems we are witnessing massive human casualties as a result of this deadly virus.

oh shit thats with francis boyle from the conspiracy!

:red_circle: وصل سرم به بیمار در داخل خودرو در حیاط بیمارستان!!

فیلمی که مشاهده میکنید … جای گریه و تاسف هم نگذاشته
رئیس بیمارستان الشتر وشبکه بهداشت الشتر، وصل سرم در داخل حیاط بیمارستان درون خودرو سواری!

تزریقات بیمارستان الشتر استان لرستان، پلمپ و کسی هم پاسخگو مردم نیست…

:red_circle: Plug my patient to the car inside the hospital yard !!

The movie you are watching … does not leave you crying or regretting it
Head of Al-Hasht Hospital and Al-Hashar Health Network, plugging my head inside the hospital yard into a passenger car!

Injections at Alastar hospital in Lorestan province, seal and no one is responsible for people …

Great listen

Glad someone tuned in!

How come this tutorial ?? What should Europe save from ???

Had a fight with a friend he refused to watch it. Has me going like…

It’s excellent

This doctor should be sent to Wuhan and then I want to see her make this obsurd statement

I like how he casually calls Dr. Fauci a death scientist at the end. Lol


There have been documents that said that the pyramids where built to house sound chambers.


Aries here comes the Seattle lockdown

Why do people keep sending me Dr Drew links?

They think you have an addiction? :grin:

Glimpses of martial law in the US.