Coronavirus fears at Heathrow: 'EIGHT planes on lockdown' on runway

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Is there any news about India? You’d think it would be spreading through there like wildfire

I’m assuming it will. There’s nothing there to stop it… :persevere:

With the close quarters, sanitation problem, homeless population, lack of healthcare. I assume the worse. Very painful outlook to me.

Covid-19 is a much scairier name.


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crush CCP
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#中共國 網友:

中共 国 Netizens:

Pay tribute to this police officer and wish him peace
Zhuhai police officers treat people without masks.
In fact, they just did a very ordinary hand-raising trivial thing, but it made people look very warm, comfortable and praised.
Because before you latelt have seen too many behaviors that is inhumane and cruelty to treat people without masks.

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How the fuck does this happen? How do you get on a plane with symptoms and how do they determine mid-air? This doesn’t make any fucking sense.

The Pakistani government told its citizens in Wuhan to stay there!




隔离对他们来说,大大增加了感染风险,大数据本来CCP维护稳定的,由于疫情,现在更多普通人成了受害者. The Beijing government uses big data/biometrics to find out who has used the same vehicle as a virus carrier!

The personnel in charge of this saw the forms produced by biometrics/big data and exclaimed: So many people?

It’s useless to be frightened, they will be forced to stay in quarantined for 14 days, and be given little time to pack things; before being moved

Isolation has greatly increased the risk of infection for them. Big data was originally stable in CCP. Due to the epidemic, more ordinary people are now victims.

1.Recent evidence suggests that even someone who is non-symptomatic can spread COVID-19 with high efficiency, and conventional measures of protection such as face masks, provide insufficient protection。

2.This recent case shows that not only can subclinical patients transmit the virus effectively but patients can also shed high amounts of the virus and infect others even after recovery from the acute illness.

That’s true!

But they’ve now opened up borders to repatriate whoever they can.

They didn’t have equipment to detect and screen or test for the virus. Everyone in general
Has had to remain in quarantine