Coronavirus: Can COVID-19 hide in your brain

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This makes it sound more likely that it is a virus like HIV or HPV that lives in your nervous system forever. This situation could get so much worse if from here on out, everyone infected has “flare ups” of severe neurological and respiratory symptoms. :flushed:

Nobody knows the long term effects

Yah… and my boyfriend just informed me that someone in his shop at work has been severely sick and working all week anyways… great… money over immune systems now. Maddy

And virus shedding or transference at that time and yearly mutation essentially they weren’t wrong about it being like the blue because it could come back every year


I’m just keeping this possibility in mind. That would be a very worst case scanario.


Yeah all of the people optimistically thinking it will “burn itself out” or somehow go away in a couple of weeks or months aren’t thinking about the likely possibility that this could either be with us forever or come back annually.

Not trying to be a Debbie downer, just entertaining all possibilities while I wait for the studies :thinking::thinking::mask:

Yeah and when we know we never found a real cure for cancer or HIV… It’s really bad news… (i know about HIV multitherapy but it’s not really a cure but a way to survive with the virus and having to bear several symptoms…)

And HIV is easier to contain with condoms…

This virus could be the worst virus we ever encounter in fact, not because of his mortality but because it makes people really sick (pneumonia) and is hyper contagious (R04-7 depending of population age, cleaning habits and containment mesure of course…)

“Like the flu” will become the most cynical meme of all time…

We are going to need vaccines because viral shedding will cause community transmission. The high R0 limits the benefits of natural heard immunity in the absence of a vaccine.

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very good article what is true or false by Polish gov, You must translate it:)

Ah, not a speech — news conference

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#UPDATE: New York has surpassed Washington and now has the largest number of #coronavirus cases of any state in the country.

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