Coronavirus: Australians in quarantine to be released

Coronavirus: Australians in quarantine to be released

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Authorities are not taking this seriously in Australia.

Look at the videos and photos of officials transporting corona virus patients

Only simple masks. This is scarey.

Yes totally agree

They even went as far as saying they have found where a certain mask charaded person lives


If it looks like a pandemic.
Then it is a pandemic…

Everyone in this room has had a head start.

No one should be waiting and just watching. Stop waiting for a sign. The time is now. Prepare.

But should I Leave my job and get out of New York Cory


My parents and fiends all think I need to be checked into a psych ward

No one thinks it as serious as me

Without this channel would have close to no one to talk to

I used to live in Singapore and have lots of friends there right now. They all think that we in the west are the crazy ones for not reacting more

i also feel like the one eyed man in the land of the blind

Yeah, I understand this situation. I try to tell people and I get a similar reaction.


We cannot prepare against this thing if it goes large

Prevention is better than cure

Isolate affected countries

People frequently ask:
What should I do??

We are all in different situations


We are all responsible for our own actions and inactions. We are responsible for ourselves and our families. No one else.

You have to make your own decisions.

You have to make your own decisions.

Also… About prep :arrow_down:

If you don’t know where to begin in preparing. Prepping. Then Google, Google and Google.

Ask people, etc. BUT Google.

Do not leave your life in someone else’s hands.

Because no one knows better than you, how much money you can spend. And the prepping items you already have.

And no one cares about you, more than you. So let’s kick ourselves into high gear and get it done.

The prep time is Now :hourglass_flowing_sand:

I have prepped I have a car filled and I live in a heavily Chinese area. A few stops from flushing queens one of the biggest Chinese dense areas in the world. Also it not just Chinese now it’s all over . New York City has the Subways and so many others others ways for it to spread. Penn station is where I have to walk through we have the air Tran connected to the Long Island railroad penn has Direct connections to JFK

Every day my wife goes to wit as a teacher I worry for my family

We both have saving but did need the money we are about to make till June

Whether we leave our jobs and New York
City is the hardest decision I have ever made

Do I ruin my careeer if it doesn’t spread I will be the laughing stock and people will question my sanity

And only you alone can make it

I never been so stuck